Glass Half Full

Shopping for a client today I ended up buying a couple of things for myself.  The first was a well-priced quilt for the daybed in the sunroom which I needed.  Really.  Then, quite unexpectedly, these two crystal vessels winked at me from a cabinet.  Marked “bar glasses” I felt sure they’d much rather be vases and as they were eight dollars for the pair I put one in each hand and took them home, giving new meaning to the phrase “double fisting.”

The climbing roses that we planted a few years ago are finally blooming in earnest and I went out to cut a bunch. I’d neglected dead-heading and there were fewer than I thought.  Fewer still as I said the words, “Dexter, please don’t eat the roses,” a phrase I never expected to say though it did not surprise me in the least as I did.

I’ll keep one vase for for myself and give the other away as its nice to share good fortune.  I had a lovely text yesterday from a friend complimenting an outfit I’d cobbled together for Saturday night and the words coupled with his great taste meant the world.  He’s met both Dexter and my meager garden so he’ll understand why his cup is filled with good intentions rather than blooms.

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6 thoughts on “Glass Half Full

  1. Beautiful (glasses?)–I bet the heft felt so good in your hands. The roses will keep blooming…..I especially love the old fragrant roses–they fill the house with love. Have a super week.

  2. I love the idea of flowers for a special friend. Always a thoughtful gesture. I was at a neighbor's house the other day, and she had a small vase of poppies on her table, and she used this pretty and clever trick to get them to stand up-right. She lined the inside of the clear small vase with hosta leaves (I don't remember if they were folded in half) It hid the stems of the poppies, and held them upright nicely and looked lovely . Just an idea I thought I'd share with you.

  3. I love that image — white flowers are my favorite and those crystal tumblers are just beautiful. I really enjoy your blog!

  4. lovely vases and beautifully composed photo. and do i remember the flat case from a previous post of yours? seems to me there is a story. I love it when Dexter makes it into your posts: I grew up with a boxer and think of them somehow as all related:)

    Warm regards,

    Susan Schwartz

  5. I keep an eye out at estate sales and junk shops for things like this (vases and plates) then use them as gifts /housewarming with some flowers or baked goods. So nice to present it that way on real china (that is part of the gift!) rather than a paper plate of chocolate chip cookies!
    Lovely thank you for a lovely gesture / compliment. I have a mid-year resolution to send more thank you notes (and already begun!).

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