Kindred Spirit

People who love houses – and the filling-up of them – often recognize that they like and admire wildly different styles.  The leanness of Liagre and the exuberance of Buatta can be equally appealing.

This sort of dichotomy often leads to fantasies of multiple homes in varying climates.  I am this type of enthusiast.

But in addition to an appreciation of different aesthetics, I have a very personal connection to the decorators who make me say not only, “Oh, I want to live there,” but also, “Oh, I do wish I knew him.”

Tom Scheerer has long been one such decorator for me.  He is comfortable with color, easy mixing rattan and Saarinen, block print fabric and black and white photography, deft with decoupage, chintz and wicker.  Oh, yes, I do wish I knew him.

Sadly, we have not met. I feel, however, as if I know him a little better through his new book, Tom Scheerer Decorates.  You will, too, if you take the time read the charming text written by Mimi Read that accompanies the inspiring images.  Read tells us Mr. Scheerer is, “capable of falling in love with a person, but also a coffee pot.”  She notes his motto is, “Don’t make too much trouble for yourself.  Live life now rather than after a torturous renovation.”

These insights – and his suggestions of where to go in Paris that a friend passed along for me before my last trip – convince me that we would have quite a lot in common.

You can find Tom Scheerer Decorates here.

Do ask him to take his jacket off; he’s equally appealing underneath.

All images courtesy of The Vendome Press; photography Francesco Lagnese.

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7 thoughts on “Kindred Spirit

  1. Dear Patricia,
    I feel the same way about Tom. His homes make you feel that you belong there. I read his book yesterday with the cover off! The texture was wonderful as well as every image!

    2013 Artists Series

  2. Isn't that funny? I feel the same way about Colleen Bashaw. Unfortunately for me, finding a variety of combinations appealing is often curtailed by a husband who actually has an opinion about these things…which is both a blessing and a curse.


  3. I bought the book, and read it cover to gorgeous cover (both of them), in one sitting. I am an enormous fan of Tom Scheerer. I think he is the real deal. Truly. He lives the life he preaches, and more importantly, decorates beautiful spaces for interesting people to live in….not just photograph for Elle Decor and AD. He graciously credits his idols Billy Baldwin and Albert Hadley ,but I think Sister Parish was the most like him. She mixed vetted antiques with humble wicker and simple cottons. She was of the priviledged class (like Tom) and knew how to live elegantly in the most understated way, as Tom and hs family do in East Hampton. She was just a bit snarky….and if you've met Tom, he can too (but charmingly). I loved the book and will read it again and again.

  4. i must see more Tom scheerer after read this post, i think it is interesting to see the deco of this person , thanks for this article.

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