Long Time No See

Oh my goodness!  Hello! How are you?  It’s been forever.
Heavens, not all that busy really – I couldn’t even tell you what I’ve been doing. Running boys here and there, I suppose.
How ’bout you?  You look fantastic!
Hey, I did go in a pretty great shop on the Westside last weekend.  Yeah, just down from Westside Local.  Utilitarian Workshop.  All locally made.  Really cool.

 I stopped in because KC Co., that leather company that I have such a humongous crush on, has product there.  I totally think that “dop kit” would be a terrific clutch.

You should go.  They’re open weekends, but you can find them on-line too.  We do need to catch up!  I’ll give you a call soon – swear!

Oh, my, but I have been distracted.  Should be back on a regular-ish basis.  Do hope you enjoyed your summer.

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8 thoughts on “Long Time No See

  1. Nice to see you! Now that school is back – I think I will have a little more time for me and my life.
    You crack me up. I swear.

  2. Really miss your wonderful musings, Patricia…and I'll even take the little bone you offered:-)
    Now what I really need to know is, what happened with the LeLac curtains that used to be in the living room?

  3. Patricia I must go there! You know all of the best places in KC! I am featuring our friend and artist of your header, PVE Designs!

    2013 Artists Series

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