Seeing Red

Every room in the house needed to be painted.  I started with the boys’ rooms, but eventually had to address the green in the kitchen.  It’s a very small room and was a very bright color.  I love white kitchens, and have always had white kitchens, but these cabinets are stained and the countertops are grey and the backsplash is slate.  All relatively new.  They stay.  So I thought charcoal was the answer. I hoped it would make everything sort of blend together and allow me to ignore it all. Ignoring kitchens, after all, is one area where I excel.

Really dreamy charcoal grey paint wet can turn into seriously black paint dry.  It took a few tries.

But after a fistful of paint chips and a few pots and swatches, I hit on Benjamin Moore Deep Space.  Back at the paint store I confidently (and thankfully) requested a gallon.  The woman who was helping me chatted about using a color so dark in the kitchen while the computer directed steams and shots of color into the can.

“Do you want to see?” she asked.

“Do I want to see?”

“You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I love to see the paint before I mix it.  I think it’s amazing,” she said smiling broadly.

I did not think she was crazy.

“Yes.  I’d love to see.”

As we both peered down into the swirl she said, “I bet you would have never guessed there’d be so much red.”

It is moments like this when I think the universe is giving me just the kind of thing that I need.

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8 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. It's always interesting to see how many colors actually go into creating a final color!

    Hope the kitchen turns out perfect:)

  2. I also adore white kitchens and would consider a dark one a deal-breaker but new parts of a room cannot be thrown away. We must be practical. This sounds like an exciting combination. Please show pictures when you're done.

  3. Could we see a pic of the finished room?

    We just moved into a townhouse, after living in a home for 31 years. The kitchen is black, with cherry cabinets and beige/tan tile flooring. The counters are slate in a sort of grey/beige/taupe mix. I love it, but we get lots of light from the two sets of French doors.

  4. Good choice – maybe if you get ambitious sometime stain the cabinets darker as well? A really sexy kitchen! I've never bothered to look at the paint before they mix it -thats fascinating!

  5. Wow, a bold move! In case you are not totally happy with the charcoal…would you ever consider painting the cabinets a pale color and the walls a pale color too? Something taupey, greigey neutral. Something that is light, but not white, so the slate relates? Just a thought from a well wisher! Good luck!

  6. So happy to have you back. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I too am adept at ignoring less than perfect kitchens and baths and was heartened to read Tom Sheerer's similar take on the topic.

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