Back Yard Swing

I do not have a back yard swing, but rather one on my front porch.  As the days are getting warmer, I find myself there creating the most relaxing rhythm with only the slight push of my toe.  As a friend mentioned the other day, “The soothing contemplation done from a porch swing compares to nothing else in the world.”  I’m finding this is true.

A reoccurring springtime rumination is where to find good skirts.  I like skirts.  In fact, I like skirts best.  Perhaps the years of wearing uniform skirts, picked up from the floor of my bedroom and pulled on for the second or third day, left an impression of ease and reliability.  One day in high school, walking down a long breezeway, a particularly sour sort of girl said from behind me, “I wish I had a swing like that in my backyard.” It had embarrassed me at the time, but now I think she would have been a lot more fun if she had.

Skirts then appeared by magic (otherwise known as “Mother”) and hung, briefly, three in a row on the low bar in my closet.  Now I must find them myself. So many are either too expensive or two short.  But today, this gem landed in my e:mailbox and a quick click turned up several attractive cousins as well.  Ann Mashburn, no surprise.  Here.

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8 thoughts on “Back Yard Swing

  1. Ann Mashburns striped skirts are wonderful, would wear with fitted tees and great sandals!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Ann Mashburn never fails to give me far too many attractive wardrobe choices! I love her boxpleat skirts and think I may have to invest in the striped one as well–it's the perfect summer skirt!

  3. Her gathered skirts are darling! I've gotten old enough to prefer mine below the knee now, but nothing feels as nice and feminine as a pretty skirt:)

    And a porch swing is wonderful. Too bad more architects don't design houses with large covered front porches – they are so inviting!

  4. a porch swing is the thing I want most in the world -and a front porch! Both at my apartment and at our house in Georgetown there is no front porch which is a very sad thing indeed. In a few years though when I sell the apartment I'll be building (or buying) a little country place for our weekends and a front porch is #1 on the list (followed only shortly by fireplaces). I envy your porch swing!

  5. Interesting post. Over the yers I had gotten out of the habit of wearing skirts but last spring, on an impulse, I bought a gaily colored one from Talbots. Wore it all summer, to all kinds of events. I am on the look-out for another!

  6. Oh! I have just discovered the shop which sells the skirts I have been dreaming of.

    (Am so glad I stumbled across your blog; for this and many reasons).


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