Wes-terly Wind

The Grand Budapest Hotel has not opened in Kansas City, so I went to see it Sunday night in New York in a humongeous multi-plex with escalators and balconies.  That alone was its own eye-opening experience (as was paying admission.  Yikes.) I had seen previews and posters and read reviews of the film, but it hadn’t occurred to me that I would be inspired by its pastel palette.  Once tucked in to my seat with my popcorn and my Milk Duds, however, I realized that the lighter shade of pink that glows throughout Mr. Anderson’s film is very close to the one on my dining room walls.

The true surprise, the delight, the inspiration, however, came with the combination of the aforementioned pink and this mustardy yellow, a color I love, but thought I was a bit past.  In a few rooms on the set, this golden hue appears on the dado with the pink above.  And there, right there, on a Sunday night in that crowded movie theater, slightly cursing the woman next to me who thought the arm rest was hers alone, I could see it on my dining room walls.  Perfect, not just in its combination, but  referencing the parts of me that have not changed even as I begin anew.

Photo swiped from IMDb, with no further credits available. I hope that Mr. Anderson and his people will forgive my using it if I tell you that the movie is a visual delight not to be missed.

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9 thoughts on “Wes-terly Wind

  1. So glad you caught the movie. We saw it this weekend and just adored it VISUALLY…but sadly not the best Wes Anderson movie I thought story line wise.

  2. I love that youve embraced what your instincts told you all along, I can't and happily don't shake my old favorites. they work. I must say though-I prefer your other look to this one, hardly recognized you! pgt

  3. Oh, yes! ….and how about that gorgeous blue & mustard in slide #11! So glad you're back. You brighten my day!

  4. Such a long trip for a dull movie. I'm sure the escalators were a thrill after sitting through the celebrity filled yet oh so boring film.

  5. Is that Tilda Swinton? I don't remember seeing her mentioned in the recent chatter. I'm very excited to see it. Wes Anderson is such a talent. Patricia, I've had you on my blogroll awhile. I wish I had more time to blog hop as I always enjoy your writing style! Shiree'

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