Into the Fold

I met St. Louis antique dealer, Rick Ege, a few years ago while I was in Chicago.  He’s charming and his wares are terrific.  We are not friends, as we haven’t had enough opportunity to be, but we are friendly and are connected on Facebook.  
One day he loaded an image that included a Chinese rice server that I found irresistible.  Yellow!  Plums! Bats! What could be better?

“It’s been damaged on the inside and has had some repair,” he told me.  He was wary, perhaps that that sort of thing would matter.

I didn’t pause.  “Yes, well, haven’t we all? She’ll be in good company.  Wrap her up,” I replied.

She arrived by friendly transport last week.  She hasn’t missed a beat, just settled in among the rest of the rusted and the dinged.  She smiles at me from atop my mother’s desk in the kitchen and doesn’t mind a bit when I sing Zac Brown off key.

If you in St. Louis, do stop by and say “hello” to Rick.  If not, you can visit his site here or see him at the Chicago Botanical Antique Show from April 11 – 13.

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10 thoughts on “Into the Fold

  1. I love that you appreciate the server's well lived life. I see it is sitting atop One Man's Folly which I'm anxiously awaiting the release of and would love to know your thoughts on. Thanks!

  2. What a tantalizing photo! 1. Because I love antique porcelain that has been glued back together – nothing like something truly antique that might have been unaffordable made affordable, 2. Because you have a copy of 'One Man's Folly' already! Hope you'll be showing it to the rest of us, and 3. the peek into the new dining room. More on that too please!

  3. Thank you for timely post- I was searching for a birthday book for my sister- and you came through:-)
    Pre -ordered "One Man's Folly" just now..
    Thank you again.LOVE your postings..

  4. I think she who has survived hard times and still is lovely holds the missing color for you new home. Yup, your former go to happy color turquoise. See how she sings to pink and hums to yellow.

    Then again, the coves of Spaces with its white/black/red and jolt of the go to happy color was pretty nifty!

    Happy spring.

  5. I love her. And the old repairs make her even better. Famille Jaune is one of my most favorite Export designs.
    xoxo Mary

  6. Such wonderful colors! And a fabulous piece. I would be tempted to get it to a better restorer than it has seen in the past, because it is so lovely. That is a very sloppy job , and I have seen a lot of restorations in the antique business! That poor baby deserves better!

  7. I'm reviewing One Man's Folly later this week, but order it now. You will not regret it.

    And, Jayne – she and I have a lot in common at the moment. Once I'm better restored I might bring her up to snuff.

  8. Patricia I love this special Chinese porcelain piece with your quilted coverlet on the table..

    2014 Artists Series.

  9. Oh, it's lovely. I like the almost acid looking yellow color. Pieces like that are difficult to come by. Congratulations on your prize!

  10. I love looking at your photographs, I love the way you pair them with your poetic writing style. more pictures, please!

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