Bracelets I Cannot Afford

It may not be true that I cannot afford these bracelets as I cannot find them other than in this ad for Armani.  Can you see that they connect by that chain around her neck? I’m completely captivated by the idea of this and the theatrics one could create reaching for a drink, enthusiastically telling a story or laying a hand on a man’s forearm to get his attention.

What’s that? Coat? Gloves? Entanglements? Bother.  If you cannot see that the romance of this would outweigh any chill upon your shoulders, then you are in the wrong place.

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13 thoughts on “Bracelets I Cannot Afford

  1. I enjoyed your evocation of the dramatic use of these bracelets. You write beautifully, and I appreciate your blog. Unfortunately, the cuffs and chain remind me of shackles. No doubt this jaundiced view is prompted by ongoing legislative efforts to return women to chattel status.

  2. This reminds me of an enamored couple I saw as a child. They were walking through the mall and it was the '80s so they dressed like punk rockers. They had nose rings with about a 2 foot chain that connected them to each other. What would happen if one of them had sneezed? I'd much rather have those bracelets.

  3. Honestly, I cannot bear the time between posts. You are who (whom? ) I most wish to read. It is selfish to have your own life and taunt us with your lovely prose so sparingly delivered. Still, I am so happy you are back and I wait for every pithy post. Thank you.

  4. If that were clumsy me wearing that I would probably choke myself to death. I do agree however they look lovely.

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