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I have been…distracted.  Distracted by a handsome, charming, creative man who came to town at my request.  My copy of Miles Redd’s The Big Book of Chic is always nearby, but for the last six months or so it has lived on my desk and in my bag and on the front seat of my car as we planned a fundraising luncheon at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for which he was the guest speaker.

We had fun.  You will not be surprised that Mr. Redd was a delight and adored by everyone who crossed his path.  “He’s so nice.” “He’s so unpretentious.” Which I knew already.  Miles’s presentation was a visual delight and he was, no surprise, entertaining and engaging.  If there is a run on taxi cab yellow paint this week – and a brightening of living rooms across the city – we will know why.

I have loads of people to thank and will be doing that this week, but a special shout-out here to designer Michele Boeckholt and artist Lee Ernst, both of the Nelson staff, who worked to create a remarkable design for this event starting with the invitation pictured above. You might have seen it on Miles’s Instagram already, but if not you can see it here.

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8 thoughts on “MR in KC

  1. I heard him speak in Birmingham and few years ago. He is one of my favorite designers with his exuberant use of color and fun.

  2. Patricia, a great event with Miles I have heard and so sorry to have missed. It seems the past four years every time something really special has come up I have been recovering from yet another surgery! On the road back!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. No wonder your mind has turned to shades of pink. I love his joyfulness and then there is the fact he has that huge talent. Good for you for bringing Miles to the Nelson-Atkins.

  4. KC is my home. It's such a beautiful place and sometimes I miss it..but not the weather. Such a place of culture and style.

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