American Girl

I’ve been back from Paris for a couple of days and I hate to admit that the jet lag keeps washing over me in waves.  It was a great trip and there are stories to tell, but I wanted to give a shout out to Baldwin Denim first thing.

I love jeans.  I grew up in jeans.  I live in jeans.  It makes more sense for me to buy better denim as I spend more time in it than anything else.  I have a pair of Baldwin Denim that makes people ask, “What jeans are those?” every time I have them on. I bought the black Rivingtons before I left and have worn them non-stop since.  They fit great, are super-flattering (as Baldwin is) and are as comfortable as leggings. Seriously.  It’s not a new model, but a new manufacturer and they are divine.  I was true-to-size, if that helps you at all with on-line ordering. (I don’t see black on the site, but they are in the stores, so give them a ring if that is what your wardrobe is missing.)

I’m wearing them now as I drink coffee and eat chocolate and try and get my life back in order.  Posts to follow.

As always, I was not compensated in any way for this endorsement.

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5 thoughts on “American Girl

  1. Dolores – I understand your perspective. I look at these things on a "cost per wear" basis. I'm down to about ten dollars already. I'll be at pennies before they retire. Those bridesmaids dresses? Stuck permanently in the triple digits and they brought no joy.

  2. True, Patricia:-) I am just cheap..but, I went over to ebay to have a look, and the prices there are so much better. How do you determine fit? By the waist size?

  3. Delores – surely I'm not the first one to tell you that what you are buying on ebay for cheap is not the real deal. Besides, this is a new model, so it shouldn't be available there anyway. I'm sorry, but I don't know what determines size.

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