We Met On-Line


I actually don’t remember how I met New York-based decorator, Nick Olsen.  I’m sure we were introduced through blogging, as his posts were a first-stop back in the day when my blog stops were many.


I know for certain that when we met, wherever it was, that I knew that he was the real deal.  His voice and aesthetic are as clear and honest in life as on-line.  Lucky for me, he likes my Leo-ness (it can overwhelm) and we became friends.  We became real friends, not just internet friends, for which I will always be grateful.


I have thick files stuffed with the work of a few of my favorite designers.  I like it when I have a copy of all of their published works.  Nick’s was made thicker this month with his inclusion in Architectural Digest and I know there’s loads more to come.  You can find the whole story – and a great deal of inspiration – here.

Images, Architectural Digest, August 2015.  Photography Pieter Estersohn; produced by (another favorite) Howard Christian.  (Fellas, that musta been a fun shoot.)

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6 thoughts on “We Met On-Line

  1. I remember watching this friendship unfold, his suggestions for your Dream House, the fun way you two sassed each other. Nice to see a real friendship happen. Seeing Nick's talents and rooms bloom has been a wonderful adventure.

  2. Patricia I love Nick's design aesthetic and that first room is a dream!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Yes! To watch a friend prosper is the best. Well, right after the joys of friendship. Happy week-end. xoxo Mary

  4. A lovely post, and such kind words about Nick and about design friendships.
    Nick is a true talent, and we're so happy to feature his work this month.
    Big thanks for the AD call-out—

  5. Those color combos are eye-poppingly lush. I've been collecting paint decks and have almost convinced myself to go with muted versions of my favorite colors instead of neutrals. I love color, but I've been living with various shades of renter's white for ten years now, so I'm surprisingly nervous. Your friend's work reassures me color on color won't feel too chaotic.

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