Clutching My Heart

Ten of Hearts

I’m back from the needlework market. There were a few things that were finished in a rush right at the end. I wonder if anyone else – any sane person – works the way that I do, with a flurry of activity just as she walks out the door. Does anyone quietly slip into her airplane seat, tuck her bag beneath her feet and sigh in contentment? My heart is always pounding and I feel as if my hair is standing on end.

Queen of Hearts These two canvases were in the last batch slipped into the bag. Many of you will know that I was inspired by Diana Vreeland’s living room in hell, which was designed by Billy Baldwin. I’ve stitched a playing card before and I do think they are charming. These are a great size to be folded in half for a clutch.  In fact, the Queen of Hearts will be my next project.  I could use a regal muse.

You can find the collection here.

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4 thoughts on “Clutching My Heart

  1. I love these designs. I think those last moments before take off are the supreme bursts of inspiration. Congratulations. mary

  2. Patricia, sometimes those last minute bursts of inspiration and creativity are the very best! Love these designs!

    The Arts by Karena
    New Spring Collection from India Hicks!

  3. Mrs. B–sending you a Fan’s Note!

    I am enjoying your new site and I love the Queen of Hearts. When your plane lands–would you send along purchase instructions? I’m thinking it would make a perfect gift for my bridge partner.

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