Mother Knows Best


Triggered by the lyrics of a pop song, I asked the boys today, “Would it bother you if I didn’t like your girlfriend?” Each – 19, 15 and 12 – replied, “I dunno.” The middle added, “It would depend on how close you lived.” France, I think, suddenly seemed like a good idea.

I’d certainly consider myself lucky if we could collaborate on any project as lovely as Miles Redd’s redecoration of his parents’ home.  I hope you’ve seen the story in this month’s House Beautiful.  I have to admit, it left me wanting more.  Miles to the rescue.  Outtakes are on his Instagram feed here.  Do hop on over and follow along.

Image, House Beautiful, February 2016; photography Peter Murdock; produced by Dayle Wood.

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7 thoughts on “Mother Knows Best

  1. Hi Patricia, Congratulations on your new site. I am happy that today it worked to click through your blog post to your website. Happy New Year and best wishes to you on your continued venture. I’ll continue to follow along.

  2. Hi Patricia. Longtime fan of yours and so happy for your new site. I’m not a Bieber fan per se but have heard that song enough to have thought, “Good boy for caring what your mother thinks!” Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I always look forward to opening a new post like a tiny joyful present which always resonates, inspires, and delights. Cheers!

  3. I agree with you – I was left wanting to see more, including the bedroom that his father now loves. It was almost the only bright spot in this issue for me, I’m afraid, and there was not enough of it!
    Thanks, Cackie

  4. Yes, the house Miles Redd did for his parents if lovely – hard to miss with Lee Sofa’s Altha or the larger hand-blocked Hollyhock.

    Ah, boys and their girlfriends and later, wives! As a longtime friend (who has 4 sons) once told me, “You never know what they’re going to bring home.” All too true…

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