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If one has been in a house two years is it still “new”? I keep referring to my house as “new” and wonder if it is because there are still so many things I see that need to be finished.  If not finished, then changed.  I had the ceiling fan removed from the living room (thank heavens), but have not stumbled upon the just-right-thing to replace it.  The dining room, too, still suffers the big-box fixture, the only advantage of which is that it turns on when we flip the switch.  That is its gravest fault as well. If I were stumbling around in the dark on my way to let the dogs out or unable to read the paper in the morning, I’m sure it would have had my attention before now.  Perhaps the key word for this year is “illumination.”

It will be the same here, I imagine.  Things seem to be running smoothly at .com and I cannot say I’m the least nostalgic for blogspot.  I do hope you feel the same.  Give me a shout if you’re having any trouble, otherwise we’ll continue down this winding path together.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I wouldn’t mind sitting on that couch, or one of those chairs, with my feet tucked under me and a glass of something at my elbow, talking about all sorts of things. Kids, careers, whatever. Post when you can– I’m always interested. Happy new year!

  2. It’s beautiful!!!! Enjoy and Happy New Year!!! I would love to chat with you about your web design. I need some expertise in this tech world. I have a small show room in Topeka with antiques and accessories and I am trying to put myself out there more. I am open to any and all advice.

  3. Patricia, it looks new to me and you are making so many beautiful changes to this home yet keeping its soul, which I love!!

    India mentioned me in an article that she wrote; I hope you will come see,

    The Arts by Karena
    Life Lessons: So Honored

  4. It looks great. But, in Texas, I would have to leave the ceiling fan up. Our summers are hot and humid and that bit of air stirring around is a lifesaver. Love the two chairs!

  5. Well, nearly 32 yrs later, I still have things that I have not yet done to my house! Some, I intended to do in the beginning, many more are just necessary repairs/replacements. I desperately need new blinds at my bedroom windows – have needed them now for at least 5-6 years, but nothing seems to happen, probably because the ones there, which no longer go up and down, do still give privacy. So I do understand that DR light fixture!

  6. I’ve been in my ” new house” for six and a half years. Each house I’ve lived in has been at a different life stage. This is my Bachelorette Launch pad. The post divorce downsize where the kids and I have struggled to have a life, the house both kids will move out of for their adult lives and the house I’ll become an independent, self supporting adult in.

  7. We have been in our house for two years as well and I’m still calling it new. The first year and a half was all about behind-the-scenes work that wasn’t pretty – HVAC, electrical, plumbing. Only in the last few months have I been able to start working on making the spaces comfortable and pretty. I’m sure it will take quite some time!

  8. Your post hit me on a personal level. As I write and refer to my own “new” house I have been wondering the same thing. I’ve been in my “new” home for 3 years, as of next week! Just like you, I’ve wondered if it still felt new due to the fact that I have so many projects yet to tackle.

    By the way, your home is coming along beautifully…

  9. What a beautiful room! I know what you mean. I’ve been in my current house now for 17 years. We built it and I still think of it as new, and have to remind myself why things are “already” needing repair and updating. And the .com is working great for me.

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