Cog in the Wheel

Tom Dixon Cog

I went to New York a couple of weeks ago to attend New York Now, the wholesale gift market. (And, perhaps more importantly, to see friends and eat a lot of pasta.) I hadn’t been to market for a few years. It’s always fun for me, because, well, I have very little skin in the game. I’m neither buying nor selling, but rather…looking.

I did see some shifts in the market, but one thing that was holding strong was a preference for warm metals. Tom Dixon’s new Cog pendants were my favorite example.  They are powerful industrial silhouettes with a helluva lot of grace.

You can find them, and other beautiful product, here.

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2 thoughts on “Cog in the Wheel

  1. Stunning and sophisticated. The cog element reminds me of the India Hicks Collection’s “watch crown” details.

    The Arts by Karena

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