Room with a View

Gambrel NYC kitchenI was standing at the kitchen sink eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (don’t eat standing up, fix yourself something you’d fix a guest, use a real napkin, don’t admit your foibles on the internet – yes, I know) when I had an epiphany.  My house has North/South exposure, and the kitchen is on the back.  The cabinets are a medium-brown stain and relatively new and rather than acknowledging my good fortune, I loathe them.  I might not dislike them so much if they did not sit above and below a backsplash comprised of 4 x 4 slate tiles.

But, as I stood there looking out at the wonderfully sunny day, I was grateful that the room has three windows: one over the sink, one that overlooks the only muddy patch in the back yard where Dexter likes to sit, and one in the back door.  Just this weekend, I was thinking how much I want a storm door here so I can open both the back and front doors and have a wonderful breeze through the house.

Today, the dream became bigger.  I thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this whole wall above the cabinets was window and I had shelves that ran in front of them?” Not only would there be more light (which is always good) and equal storage, but the room would seem twice as large.  All these things combined might make me actually want to be in it.

Being a kitchen, it’s unlikely. But it’s possible.

Image, Elle Decor, design by Stephen Gambrel, photography Eric Piasecki, styled by Cynthia Frank.  Here.

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6 thoughts on “Room with a View

  1. In my kitchen remodel, I annexed part of the living room and now the kitchen, breakfast/pantry/baking center, and library/dining room run the entire width of my house and has an eastern exposure. I had my yucky windows removed and installed double pane, low-e, fixed windows (we never open them because of allergies). Now we have a beautiful year-round view of our garden, I have a light-filled space in my kitchen and I love it. Go for it!

  2. Go for the $$$ windows!! We didn’t gut our 25 yrs old kitchen because I couldn’t see the sense in throwing out perfectly nice, natural cherry cabinets .BUT…we swapped out two of the casement windows for larger ones, bought a new stove and installed soapstone counters – and the kitchen looks so beautiful! There is soo much wonderful light now..

  3. Paint those ugly cabinets and get new pulls. Then do those windows! I have a huge bay above my sink and it makes the room SO much larger! Do be aware that since you do own a dog you may have to battle dog hairs on that open shelving.

    As for the door, go to Lowes and buy the Pella full-length glass door with the top part that can pull down and a screen magically unwinds at the same time. I LOVE that door – brings in SO much light (and in the summer, the garden) into my kitchen. It has a “real” lock so it is more secure than the typical aluminum storm door latch/lock. You will LOVE this door!

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