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ny8331 Rosenthal fornasetti

I met Paul Vandekar a few years ago at the Laurintzen Garden Show in Omaha.

NY8330 rosenthal fornasetti

We bonded over a Leeds horse and I’ve been on his mailing list ever since.


I can’t remember when I met Piero Fornasetti, but it might have been hanging around Grace’s dining room.  I can still see that heavenly wall of the artist’s portraits of Lina Cavalieri against the rich russet walls.

ny8316-2 fornasetti tema e variazioni

Regardless, it was charming to see them again in Mr. Vandekar’s catalogue.


Pick a favorite or build a collection, either way it would be a cheeky addition to any interior.

ny8313 piero fornasetti eve large

Piece by piece or in sets.  Here.

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3 thoughts on “About Face

  1. I love Fornasetti–in any form. However, a Fornasetti Secretary would be my second object of desire, right after an iron Giacometti lamp. xoxo Mary

  2. I like your blog. It has an elegance, a classy style that is much needed in a hectic angry world. You must have a wonderful heart! Thank you for crafting something beautiful!
    Terry Cooper

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