I mean, who couldn’t use more bookcases? (I can.)

And, if you know, why do I only have one window when I could have two?

Image, below, House Beautiful, May 2016.  Design, Tammy Connor, photography Mali Azima.

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10 thoughts on “Hmmmm…

  1. “Hmmm” is right. Hmmm. What’s behind the house there where the second window would go, anything in the way of opening that wall up?

    If you run into a load bearing something running up that wall, there’s always the opportunity to have an exact replica of the trim/sill around the left window made into a frame to hang on the right wall, maybe put a mirror in there? That would give you architectural balance.

    When you get the carpenter in to do up the bookcases [oh yeah], might be a good time to get that chinese chippendale stairrail built/installed you were talking about way back when.

  2. I agree with J.F. Riordan above! But I would also add mirrors to the list. What about a cheap cheat by having your carpenter make a duplicate of the window and putting in a mirror inside and placing it on the wall opposite the existing window. You can already see how much light is reflected in the current mirror on that wall. I did this above a door and it really looks like a transom!

    Or simply celebrate the asymmetry? With a wink and a nod to He Who Can Do No Wrong, Mr. Redd, why not use 2 tall Sapien book towers on the windowles sside and 2 of the 60″ under the window and then fill all of the remaining space around with art? Just way too many thoughts before coffee. You’re lucky it’s before coffee!

  3. Personally, I love it just the way it is! Maybe it was left blank to build a crazy wall to ceiling bookcase!

  4. I think great grandma had a stunning secretary book case she knew would go there so she told great grandpa not to spend the money on an extra window; the bright light would bother her in the afternoon as she did her needlework from her rococo chair, so she wouldn’t miss it. Her Tiffany lamp gave her the needed lamp, thank you just the same.

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