Internet Romance

MA floor

Ever the skeptic, I never expected to find love on-line.  You’d think that I, who has haunted these halls, would have been more open to such a thing, but no.  I’m a romantic at heart.


It’s not entirely accurate, I suppose, to say we first encountered one another on a screen.  Just this evening, vodka soda creating a ring on the table beside me, I saw him while sitting on the porch flipping through World of Interiors.

MA table

He knew immediately what I needed.  (Honestly, I lost custody of a lot of lighting.) He sensed, I suppose that I wanted something with an edge to stir things up around the land of chintz and wicker. Strong, simple but smart, he’s endlessly illuminating. I do think it could be love.

I did spy Michael Anastassiades’s lights which are featured in WoI, April 2016. Production co-ordinator, Aliette Boshier; Photography Bill Batten.  The image, last, is from Flos, where you can find these beauties on-line.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Romance

  1. Yes. It is true love. The setting doesn’t hurt the emotions, either. Absolutely beautiful Thank you. xoxo Mary

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