In the In-between

Mrs.B Half Finished Full Bath

This time of year always has a strange in-between sort of feel to it.  We’re past Christmas and Hanukka, which are impossible to ignore even if you celebrate neither, and not quite to the new year, which always holds the illusion of a fresh start.  It’s not really as if we believe 01-01 will be magically different than 12-31, but it has a clean sound to it and, well, why not?  Fresh starts must start somewhere.  I think the image above of the second floor bath sums it up.

Bath(ish) Straight Ahead

There is a lot complete on the third floor renovation, and there is a lot undone, including – sometimes – me.  The bathroom, tucked just under the eave is shaping up.  I can see it in my head already and I think it is going to be pretty swell, but my contractor keeps using the words, “fine for kids.” I’m not sure he shares my vision.

Closet (whew)

We did make a spot for the closet, which was something of a last-minute save.  My contractor is mystified about the amount of storage I think I need. “What are you going to put up here?” he wonders.  Ah.  Christmas decorations, off-season clothes, pillow forms, fabric remnants.  I can’t wait.

North facing mess

And the windows are in.  Already there’s a remarkable change. Even with today’s single digit temperatures, it was comfortable up there with no heat.  (There will be heat. Swear. It’s coming.)

New Windows and Bookcases

My contractor is also indulging flights of fancy such as bookshelves on the landing at the turn of the stairs.

“Do you need them?” he asked.

“Bookshelves? Oh, yes,” I answered.  “Always.”

He paused in a way that I’ve come to recognize as resignation more than agreement.

“Then you’ll have bookshelves.”

Perhaps the bookshelves will be complete just before – or maybe after – the as-yet-unfinished cabinet in the second floor bath. Certainly in 2018.  2018 is going to be our year.

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8 thoughts on “In the In-between

  1. Tell me more about the tile in the bathroom. I’m looking at something similar but can’t figure out what to put on the floor. I’m assuming the tile you have has some sort of texture or finish that makes it look hand thrown.

    1. Claire – I think this is the beauty of white tile (even though I always want to have a fling with something spicer.) This is the basic, inexpensive ceramic. White. Matte. Nothing fancy. You can basically get it anywhere. Let me know if you have other questions – I can dig up the brand though it’s nothing special. Best of luck!

  2. I really like the “back to the studs” stage, everything seems so possible then. The “drywall phase” is fun too and “fresh carpet” is nice but with everything still open it always seems more spacious and exciting.

    Tell us about the widows, are they custom?

    1. Vanessa – we are starting the “drywall phase” next week and it does seem exciting. I know that it will look smaller once the drywall is up. I’m breathing through the anticipated panic now.

      The windows are Pella. I think I had four different bids in a wide range of product from different suppliers. It was important to me that the windows on the third floor were consistent with the rest of the house. All most all the windows have this divided upper pane and single lower one. The front window was custom from the Reserve line and they replicated the dimensions of the original window. The side windows are from the Traditional Architect series. The profile of the grills is slightly different, but since they are on the third floor and on different sides of the house, it seemed a good decision. I used John Morgan here in Kansas City and he was terrific to work with. If you, or anyone needs contact info, just let me know.

  3. Mrs. Blandings, congratulations on all your hard work. it’s coming along great and I know it will be worth all the inconvenience you are going through. I always enjoy your posts so much and check often to see if there is something new. I admire your meticulousness to conform to the existing features of the house. Thank you for sharing.

  4. The juxtaposition of words and images, concepts like “I can’t wait” balanced against “fine for kids,” the whole idea of the in-between, well-expressed in so many ways: you never fail to delight me, make me smile, thank you for years and years of that. Here’s to a very happy 2018!

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