About Mrs. Blandings

I started Mrs. Blandings on a whim in 2007. Armed with a journalism degree and an unquenchable interest in interior design, I began to explore the industry. Clicking around on-line and poking through shops in Kansas City led to interviews, and eventually friendships, with some of the leaders in the field here and nationwide. My three boys and my two Boxers have cameo appearances; none of them mentions if he likes it or not.

Readers and friends have commented over the years, “I don’t think you’re talking about chairs.” Or wallpaper or fabric. The truth is, I’m very rarely talking about chairs – or wallpaper or fabric. Often these stories of placement and chintz are the framework of my interest in creating a life well-lived. Part of that is believing that your home, the place that holds you safe from the world, should delight and comfort you above all. Whether it’s spare or extravagant, your home tells your story. It should, simply, be the best reflection of who you are.

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