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A Tale of Two Tables

So, friends in from out of town, dinner planned, what next? Facials, manicures, injections? Extra trips to the personal trainor?
Heavens no. A little do-it-yourself face lift for the Dream House.
Inspired by Nick Olsen’s post I went on the hunt for local tables that could be used for consoles in the dining room. I like the tables he recommended from Target, but did not want to pay for shipping. And I didn’t want to wait. I’m bad about waiting.
Latin American Imports here in town usually has a good selection of iron table bases and they had a style that I thought would work. The rusted finish was not what I had in mind, but change is nothing but a spray can away. I had queried darling Nicky if he thought I should gold leaf the entire table. “Just the circles.” Wonderful. Just the circles is easy.
Per his suggestion I purchased paint grade wood for the tops and painted them with Rustoleum oil based paint. I used Sunset Red in gloss and mixed in a little glossy black to make it darker. Mr. Blandings popped in mid-project. “Is the black oil based, too?” His gentle way of checking to see if I had botched the whole thing. “Mmm-hmmm.” “Huh. Wonder if you sanded it between coats if it would look even more like lacquer?” Knee-deep in passive aggression I replied, “Excellent idea.”
Nick suggested moving the blanc de chine, which was spot on, but the wall still seemed a little bare. These paintings were together on a different wall of the dining room, but I’d never been comfortable with them there. The scale wasn’t right. They seem happy here. They like each other, but they get along better with a little distance.
It’s not Paul McCobb. It’s more Jolly McNow.
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Out and About – In the Neighborhood

You know I only like to be outside about fourteen days of the year and chances are good the majority of those days will fall during Fall.

On our regular walk route, Rosie and I pass this trellis nearly every day. I covet it shamelessly. Please tell me you can still get finials like that so I don’t have to lose any more sleep.
Also, these trees (below.) I’d love to have a row of trees like this along my back yard fence.
I’d like to, but I don’t know what they are. Or how mature they are. Or if they will get much bigger. Or if they will split in two with the first major ice storm like my pear trees did. Darn them.
But if you know, I’d love it if you’d let me know. You know, for the next time I go outside in the Spring.
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Batter Up

By the way, it is bats. The critter guys came and indeed we have a colony nesting under a loose shingle in the back of the house. To further protect their brood they have gnawed a hole in the wall which is why we can hear the scuttling and tweeting so clearly inside.

Bats are protected so their nests cannot be cleared out (interpret that as you may.) They will remain safe and sound until mid-August when all kinds of nonsense will take place. We will basically hint that perhaps they have overstayed their welcome and then install a contraption to discourage their reentering their/our home.

This will take place after our return from a house in Colorado where sightings of mice, voles, bears and mountain lions are not uncommon.
Did I mention that I have a headache?
Bat images found here.
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