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Shower, Shampoo and Shine

This week has been all about the bath.  I’ve been thinking about this space as a whole for a long time.  In my head, the construction and design of it is in keeping with the 114 year old house, but with an updated twist.

(What? You can’t quite see the space coming to life from rodent-chewed window frames and decades old insulation? Funny, because I saw it from the beginning.  Though silk purse from a sow’s ear is not new to me.)

While I’ve selected fixtures and plumbing (more on that later) I’m mad for this tile.  We first met when I slid my index finger bottom-to-top on my Instagram feed and he appeared out of nowhere.  Perfect.  And perfect for me.

He has that free-spirited, off-kilter, edgy do-your-own-thingness about him, while being firmly rooted in that traditional-old-house-hex kind of way that has me entranced.  No surprise, I ran into him in one of my regular haunts.


I’ve been a longtime fan of Cle Tiles and am so happy to finally be ordering from them.  They have a lovely new collection appropriately named, “oh,joy.”

Just what I was thinking.

This is not a sponsored post and I have not received a discount on the tile I am ordering. 


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It is Spring

I must admit, November knocked me for a loop. As my world and my perspective shifted it didn’t feel right to talk about paint and fabric. I pulled in. I note how often things get larger and smaller at the same time. As I grasped my lapels a little tighter and ducked my head into the wind, I did what I often do in times of worry. I invited friends to the house.

The downstairs and my bedroom and the two younger boys’ rooms feel settled. Nothing is ever finished as anyone who would stop here would know. But three years in I finally bought the headboard that I wanted and, in nothing less than design gods smiling, found a pair to the vintage bedside light for which I’d been searching for ages.

The middle’s room hasn’t changed much since we moved, though he is bigger and so his desk is bigger. (He knows himself in all things and refuses most of my overtures to “improve” his space.) The youngest, whose ankles showed as he put on khaki pants that fit two weeks ago, finally – finally – has a double bed. We twin no more.

So all the space that must work, does work. But the rooms that function less well need attention. Even though my oldest is only here a few months each year, having his room off of the dining room has never been ideal and not only because he is the messiest and sleeps the latest, but because for all creatures privacy is as important as society.

The bathrooms function, but elements of both still make me flinch a little as I snap on the light. And the unfinished attic, which may be the most charming space in the house, has gone unused for the last one hundred years. All that is about to change. Probably not quickly and certainly not easily. (What project ever is?) But in the end I hope to leave this space a little better than I found it.

I am less and less often on Facebook (so noisy) but am obsessed with Instagram. You can find pictures of this on-going project (and other nonsense) @patricia_mrsblandings

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