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ny8331 Rosenthal fornasetti

I met Paul Vandekar a few years ago at the Laurintzen Garden Show in Omaha.

NY8330 rosenthal fornasetti

We bonded over a Leeds horse and I’ve been on his mailing list ever since.


I can’t remember when I met Piero Fornasetti, but it might have been hanging around Grace’s dining room.  I can still see that heavenly wall of the artist’s portraits of Lina Cavalieri against the rich russet walls.

ny8316-2 fornasetti tema e variazioni

Regardless, it was charming to see them again in Mr. Vandekar’s catalogue.


Pick a favorite or build a collection, either way it would be a cheeky addition to any interior.

ny8313 piero fornasetti eve large

Piece by piece or in sets.  Here.

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Blame it on Mexico


I’m just back from picking up the oldest, who recently finished his freshman year in college.  He’s studying architecture, but from the state of his room, not overly concerned with preservation of space. We took a bit of a boondoggle to Fallingwater and Monticello on the way home, which were not on the way home in the least, but sometimes I get an idea that I can’t quite let go.

The idea of this trip had been percolating for a while, though it came together about two weeks before I picked him up.  All travel involves inconvenience. It is the measure of the joy that it brings that enables us to consider it worth it or not.  This was worth it.

More on that later, but one of the major upshots of this trip was, “Travel more.  Plan a little, then go.” Honestly, this is the upshot of nearly every trip I take, but then I get distracted by routine.

I came home to a mostly clean house with Casa Mexico waiting for me on the dining room table.  Hot climates with spicy, messy food and cool tile floors always appeal. Being captured by the incredibly talented Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter, made the homes of artists, designers, architects and aesthetes more appealing, if that is at all possible.

The images and stories here made me wonder, “What the heck am I doing?” Living passionately is its own reward.  We are so lucky to get a glimpse of these fifteen homes and their owners here.


Casa Mexico: At Home in Merida and the Yucatan by Annie Kelly, Rizzoli, New York, 2016.  Images by Tim Street-Porter.

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Internet Romance

MA floor

Ever the skeptic, I never expected to find love on-line.  You’d think that I, who has haunted these halls, would have been more open to such a thing, but no.  I’m a romantic at heart.


It’s not entirely accurate, I suppose, to say we first encountered one another on a screen.  Just this evening, vodka soda creating a ring on the table beside me, I saw him while sitting on the porch flipping through World of Interiors.

MA table

He knew immediately what I needed.  (Honestly, I lost custody of a lot of lighting.) He sensed, I suppose that I wanted something with an edge to stir things up around the land of chintz and wicker. Strong, simple but smart, he’s endlessly illuminating. I do think it could be love.

I did spy Michael Anastassiades’s lights which are featured in WoI, April 2016. Production co-ordinator, Aliette Boshier; Photography Bill Batten.  The image, last, is from Flos, where you can find these beauties on-line.

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United We Laugh


Last night, under the cover of darkness, I piled a stack of political signs in the back of my car and headed out to place them in the yards of like-minded folks.  As I’d texted and emailed friends to ask if they’d be willing to support the candidates, not only did they say “yes,” but many replied, “What about here? Do you want me to text them?” Yes, yes and yes.  Everyone agreed.  We could all use a little levity in our lives.

Big Slick is a local fundraiser for Children’s Mercy Hospital that a group of hometown guys started a few years ago.  Rob Riggle. Paul Rudd. Jason Sudeikis.  Regular Joe’s who wanted to give back to Kansas City. For the last four years they’ve asked their buddies to come to town and hang out.  Play poker.  Bowl.  Toss the ball around. Have a little fun.  So far they’ve raised over $3.5 million.  Last year they raised over $1 million alone.

Fueled by my friends’ support, I was so excited to be a part of this project.  So excited, in fact, that at one stop I forget to set my parking brake and turned in time to watch my car roll slowly into a mildly busy street.  (I was glad my boys could not see me running to stop it as I know I looked like Tom Cruise when he runs and they always make fun of this.)

You can support Children’s Mercy Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Center through Big Slick by buying tickets to the events scheduled June 17th & 18th here. To vote for your favorite candidate – Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis, Eric Stonestreet or David Koechner and pick up some cool swag, click here.



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