Everything’s Coming Up…Peonies

I know this isn’t a peony – it’s a chrysanthemum – be patient.

I tore this image from somewhere, likely Southern Accents, no less than a million years ago. I felt like I was inside the garden. Not looking at it, but a part of it. And, since I don’t really like to go outside, my immediate thought was, “Someone should paint a room like this.” So I saved it.

And then, one hundred thousand years later, I bought a house that has a peony hedge. They must have been pretty common in my neighborhood at one time, because several remain. If I were a flower, I might be a peony. You know, a little showy.
So, anyway, again in an unlabeled Southern Accents came this:

Oh, and then I turned the page.

So. I have this little powder room at the front of my house. Just to the right as you are looking at the front door.

Tiny. Almost no grown man could walk into it and turn around. (Warning: the sight of this bathroom might be offensive to some viewers. Please be advised.)

The concept is something like this – black, matte tile on the floor,

mirrored wall to the right with a marble ledge

and a tiny, tiny nickel bar sink

wall mount faucet,

and a diminutive chandelier my parents bought on their honeymoon in New Orleans in 1963.

And four-foot tall peonies on the remaining walls. Yes?

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10 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up…Peonies

  1. Please forgive the quality of the first image – I spent forever last night trying to edit it. I had originally scanned it at work and accidently deleted it once I came home. It’s making me crazy.

  2. YES! Sounds magnificent! I had a little nickel bar sink in one of my powder rooms. I loved it- so chic! However, it is high maintenance.

  3. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower. I’m pretty jealous that you have your own hedge! (My parents gave me one shrub but it didn’t make it.)

    Anyway, the powder room sounds like it will be amazing. What a surprise for guests!

  4. The hedge is fun – it produces dozens of blooms – delicious. Fortunately, you can buy them now. Funny thing is – my florist told me they receive them closed – and they open by themselves, no ants.

  5. i miss the peonies of kansas city. my parents have a whole yard of it too. big childhood memories for me. and i should add, they’re vintage bushes. most of these houses were planted in the early teens.

  6. I wondered – that seemed to be the case – they are amazing – and always seem to bloom right before Mother’s Day. Heaven.

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