The Great Outdoors

Since we are having a bit of Indian Summer here in Kansas City, let’s stay outside. As you know, I don’t really like outside. I think it’s a character flaw, truly, but I don’t. But, in order to get inside you have to be outside at some point, so I do have a file for that as well.

East Hampton, NY facade redesign by Brian Sawyer; AD.

Most of the houses in the folder are Georgian. I have a thing for symmetry inside and out.

Virginia Estate, Architects Johnson, Craven & Gibson, AD.

This Jeffersonian dream contains an octagonal dining room that would knock your socks off. The entire house is actually quite large, but I’d be happy in just this little front section.

An 80-year-old home in North Dallas.

The stone and ivy on this home are enchanting. Mr. Blandings and I looked at a house one time – it wasn’t that large, but it was imposing. I told him I didn’t think it was a good fit because it would be so intimidating for the poor girls who would be coming to meet us someday. The oldest was 3 and the middle was 6 months. I’m not sure he took my point, but he humored me.

While these homes are large, I don’t think they are scary; they’re still homey.

Town house, Washington D.C., AD.

She’s a little formal, but so pretty.

House Beautiful, May 1999.

Ok, so let’s go around back. (Well, you can see it from the living room.) Someday, when the swing set/play gym monstrosity is gone, how about a garden folly? My garden is folly right now, but I’ll eventually have more time. Right?

South Carolina patio, landscape architect Robert Chestnut.

This is just lovely, just the kind of place I’d like to sit outside when the boys are gone and have a glass of wine and talk to Mr. Blandings.

Maybe we can hold hands in the swing. Outside might not be so bad after all.

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7 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. We are having beautiful weather here in Atlanta too! I love your collection of photographs–and I am a sucker for a classic, D.C. townhouse. Happy Autumn!

  2. so funny, i was going through and getting rid of, old magazines yesterday, i flipped open to that very page of the children running. i love that house. love that photo.

    you don’t love the outdoors because you live in a town where the weather is rarely fair! either so stinkin hot or sub zero. maybe you should move to the beach!

  3. I thought you’d like to know. Looking at the picture of the house in Washington, D.C.: I live in that city, and that house is in Georgetown (a very exclusive area) and is rare in that it is not what we call a town house or row house, but rather free standing. It is also from the Federal period. I know this because I used to walk by that house as a teenager and wish it were mine. It was on the same block as the late Katherine Graham’s house (owner of The Washington Post who lived in a much grander mansion…her children sold it). It’s still a very pretty house.

  4. Washington Cube – thank you for giving us a native’s view of this home. I can see that it would not be a townhouse as it is free-standing. Lucky you, to be able to walk through such a lovely area.

    p.s. My sister-in-law is in D.C. – she actually works for the Post. Small world, huh?

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