Mariette Himes Gomez

I know we are all pouring over Domino. Fresh, young, hip, exciting. I love it because it’s bright and cheerful and exciting.
There’s another magazine. I don’t think you’re reading it. It’s old, staid, and, I’ll say it, out of touch. Unfortunately, this doyenne of the design tomes carries the work of a few designers you would love.

Mariette Himes Gomez is one of the best. Gomez opened her own shop in 1975; her interiors are classic and sophisticated and still, remarkably fresh.

Her rooms are balanced and focused. I struggle with furniture placement and have studied her rooms memorizing each detail.

Clean and crisp they give you room to breathe. While these rooms are super stars, they allow their owners to be the focus of the attention.

They don’t over power.

And while many of Gomez’s interiors are neutral, she uses color with aplomb.

Deep and rich with an enviable attention to detail.

No fool, Gomez is a business woman, too. She designs two lines of furniture. One, Private Collection is available through her web site and her store, The Shop, in New York.

The other is a collection with Hickory Chair.

I love this ottoman; Gomez uses this egg shaped work horse in many of her projects. It’s so much more interesting that a rectangle, graceful and chic.

Next time you are standing in the grocery store line, pick it up. Every now and then there is a treasure.

post-script: StyleCourt reminded me that Gomez has published a book, “Rooms; Creating Luxurious, Livable Spaces” and a new book coming out soon, “Houses Inside and Out.”
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12 thoughts on “Mariette Himes Gomez

  1. I am a huge fan of Mariette and am proud to say I worked for a couple of years as one of her design assistants in New York. She is a really cool woman and brilliant designer. One of these days I will do a post about my fantastic experience working for her firm. Great post!!! There are a couple of photos here that I have not yet seen.

  2. Great post! I am an admirer of her work but had not seen some of these images before. That bedroom (3rd image) is absolute perfection!

  3. Ok Mrs Blandings – stop teasing and please tell me the name of the mag.

    I like MHG, her work is very architectural and clean. She decorates like a man – that is not meant in a sexist way, just a very matter of fact observation.

  4. “Gomez” reigns with a quiet allure. Love the utter calm of her palette as well as the balance of texture.
    I could live with that!

  5. Brilliant – I am pea green with envy – possibly about your entire life.

    And, yes, Ms. Gomez is frequently featured in AD. House Beautiful also publishes her work and she was named one of their “Legends of Design” a couple of years ago. I have let my subscription expire because I think the magazine has lost it’s way. The “I did it myself” celebrities finally drove me over the edge. Sadly, there are a few designers I enjoy whom primarily end up on their pages – Gomez and Hagan to name two.

  6. I really like Gomez’ work- it’s elegant and quiet. And I agree with what HOBAC said about there being a masculine quality to her work- which I take to be a compliment. Too much femininity can be too much 🙂

  7. In case anyone is interested, Gomez was also featured in Margaret Russell’s “Designing Women.” Lovely photos, and of course she has her own book — right?

  8. Courtney – thanks for the heads-up on Designing Women. Yes, Gomez does have her own book – Rooms, Creating Luxurious and Livable Spaces. I should have mentioned it. Almost none of the images I posted are in the book, which is lovely.

  9. Ms Gomez is one of my favourite Designers. Her book is also a classic. I didn’t know about the new book. I will watch for it’s arrival and BA you must tell us about your experience of working with this great designer. I see that her daughter is now working with her and I saw her in a recent publication.

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