What Will the Neighbors Say?

The Blandings are painting the outside of the dream house and work is really picking up this week. This is the second house we have lived in; the first was Mr. Blanding’s bachelor pad. He actually bought the house while we were dating so I weighed in a bit when he painted it. He wanted it to be grey and I suggested white. He painted it light grey.

When we moved to the dream house it was a lovely shade of neutral. Really, I do like it and it does seem to suit. It’s just not a color per se. The boys think it’s white, which it clearly is not. Some folks think it’s grey, others tan, others beige.

I might have mentioned before how much I love yellow. Oh, I know, I’ve been around the block a few times. I know yellow can be tricky.

So I went around the block again.

I can’t help myself, these houses dressed in sunshine hold so much appeal to me.

The trouble is getting the right yellow.

A sampling of the ten (I’m not kidding) quarts – ok and a few gallons.

Would you be worried if you lived next door? Or across the street?

Uh-huh, I resorted to mixing myself.

My painters tell me that my neighbors wander by after I leave the house to grill them on which way I’m leaning.

Most of them say, “I like the color it is now.”

My home brew.

But change is good and it’s time for a change.

I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in an unhappy house, in fact, I hope you haven’t as it is quite unpleasant. Once I left the one that tied me in knots every time I came back to it, I promised myself that I would have a home. And that it would be happy. And to me, yellow is happy.

I could hang a banner, “Crazy person lives here.” but I’m into abstract expressionism. We are going with the furthest patch to the right.

So, the painters (who are adorable and are deeply involved in a mutual love affair with Rosie) tell me they will be done the middle of next week. I promise to publish once the last brush is packed away. It might be bright. It might even glow, but if it does I won’t consider it a mistake.

I’ll think it’s happy.
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24 thoughts on “What Will the Neighbors Say?

  1. I am painting too! My last kitchen was a bright happy yellow. This time I am going the crisp white route. Good luck with your color! I am sure it will be amazing and I look forward to the results!

  2. the yellow is a great choice. which i never would have thought to do. but you are SO giving away the secret of kansas city!

  3. Oh – ahhhh. I love yellow – every shade of yellow. We have a yellow inside and out. Can’t wait to see the end result.

  4. bb8 – can’t help myself, I love it so. You might be laughing your head off when I’m finished – at least it will be easy to identify when giving directions.

  5. Suzy – thank you so much – and Slanyeo – I can tell by your house, and how you talk about your children, that if half a country did not divide us, we would be friends.

  6. How how lovely your home is. I think yellow is the yummiest of colors, if you get the right shade (which I am sure you will!).

    I cannot wait to see the finished product. It will be stunning. I’d like to come over! Yellow houses are so inviting!

  7. How fun! The only way to make a choice that you will not regret is to paint with the samples and compare. My problem is that there are just so many shades that I waver on a choice. If the neighbors question your checkerboard exterior, ask them which they like best! A beautiful neighborhood, BTW.

  8. Melissa and Tea – thank you for the encouragement – clearly, I’m not a “neutral” gal – fortunately, Mr. Blandings adores me. He’s very patient.

  9. Heddy – the door will stay very shiny black – and the trim will be white. I would have like to do a little creamier color, but even the adoring Mr. Blandings has his limits – as do my painters – so crisp white will remain.

  10. Your house is so beautiful! Honestly I think any of the shades will look great with such pretty architecture as a backdrop. It will be fun to have something new. I am curious as to when your house was built too. Keep us posted.

  11. Oh, I love it!!! That yellow will be so fab on the ext. of your home, which I might add, even with the various paints samples scattered about looks like a dream!


  12. Oh, I love your choice! I also like the “creamy” one that’s kind of in the middle of the ladder. What a beautiful home you have! I think I’ve read that if you are putting your house up for sale you should paint the exterior yellow because it is the friendliest, cheeriest color. I just painted my kitchen “optimistic yellow” and couldn’t be happier with it. Good luck to you and your happy home. 🙂

  13. Wow – I am loving these Kansas City houses! They are so “Father of the Bride”, which is one of my favorite movie houses of all time. Beautiful colors too!

    P.S. – I mention you in my recent post on my blog…check it out!

  14. Your house is charming and I think yellow is a perfect choice. “Now, if you send your man to the grocer for a pound of his best butter, and then match that,it will be the perfect shade.”!! Remember that line from Mr. Blandings??

  15. Anne – Yes, it’s the best – and my painters, at this point, they’ve heard it all. This one, but with a little more ochre – or that one, but less bright. They are very sweet – but I think all they hear is “yellow.”

  16. What a beautiful and charming home you have. Yellow is the perfect choice for it. Very sunny and friendly, just like you.

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