Think Pink!

This is an old image from my files, it references “Mrs. Quinn.”

I’m not that much of a girly girl. I don’t really like to shop. Not really into maintenance, except for my hair. The annual cost of it’s upkeep would feed a small third-world nation, I’m ashamed to say. I’m not even one of those shoe people.

This one’s been around a while as well; Nina Campbell

So, it’s no surprise, pink is just not my thing. There is none of it in my house. I rarely wear it. Did I mention I have three boys?

Southern Accents on Color, Frances MacDougall

But like lots of things, when I see it somewhere else, I think it’s wonderful.

Joe Nye, House Beautiful, Oct. 07

Fresh and rosy and, yes, girlie.

Diamond-Baratta, House and Garden, April 2000

The pastels are soothing and chic, but when it comes on strong, pow!

Miles Redd from Rooms to Inspire, Annie Kelly

Nothing wakes up a room like a big, bold shot of pink.

Albert Hadley, The Story of America’s Preeminent Interior Designer, Adam Lewis

It’s almost always a bit of a surprise, like you were expecting red and pink showed up instead.

David Hicks from Influential Interiors, Suzanne Trocme

And while I may not wear it, pink encompasses all the things that women are. Soft and strong. Bold and bright. Classic and surprising.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please talk with your doctor to make sure you are doing all you can to detect and prevent this disease. Check with the National Cancer Institute or the Susan G. Komen Foundation for more information about breast cancer, your risk and resources in your area.

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20 thoughts on “Think Pink!

  1. What a great post! I was wondering why you had changed your blog to a pink backround since pink wasn’t your thing. Then I got to the end of your post and all became clear. You got my attention and I applaud your purpose!:)

  2. Katie – early detection is key – any chance to raise a little is awareness is a good one. I’ll be “blue” again tomorrow.

  3. Lovely, lovely post. Meaningful in so many ways.

    I painted my daughter’s room pink because it is the color that I always dreamed about in my room, but did not have. I did beautiful pink toile balloon shades with a very small scale pink check. I love it…unfortunately, my daughter does not! She is campaigning to change the color to ‘sea green’.

    I will change my blog to pink for the day too….in honor of those who are fighting breast cancer, and in memory of those who have battled it in the past.

  4. Inspire – your daughter’s room sounds lovely – and I like strong women, so your daughter sounds lovely to me, too. Thanks for showing your support for this cause. I promise not to get on my self-created soap box too often.

  5. Patricia- Wonderful post! Of course, the message is the best part, but I do love every one of the images you’ve shown here. 🙂

  6. Fairfax and Peak – thanks so much – we are the “city of fountains” here in KC – many are pink today in honor of breast cancer awareness as well.

  7. The illustrator Hilary Knight used PINK in the fabulous illustrations of “Eloise” and she certainly was not your typical girly girl… somehow pink has a unique way of making even bad girls look good. I love that the color pink is tied to a good cause. I think your think pink post was clever.

  8. brillian and pve – thanks for stopping by. You are right about Eloise ( I don’t get to read her often enough.) I do love the way a few of these designers have paired it with that paper bag brown.

  9. Beautiful post, love all the pink but especially love that you took the time to remind us about the importance of exams.

    Thank you.

  10. Dear Mrs. Blandings, Wow !What a treat finding your blog on a Monday night! You have amazingly fantastic taste. Of course , you must show a photo of your gorgeous yellow home. I had a precious yellow farm house that still brings a smile to my face. Your neighbors are lucky to live near a house so devine.:)

  11. Lizzie – I’m so glad you stumbled upon me – I promise to publish a picture of the house as soon as my very thorough painters are finished. We were hoping for tomorrow, then Wednesday – now we have rain in the forcast. You will see it in all it’s sunshiny brightness soon. I hope.

  12. Kate – The Peak of Chic did her whole post on carnations today – don’t miss it. And, thanks, it was fun skipping around to see what everyone did.

  13. Great post, and something we all need to be aware of. I love all of those images. I’m not really a pink girl, but it’s growing on me…

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