12 Days of Christmas

Remember how we were talking about decoupage? When I was pulling out the Christmas decorations, I was reminded of one of my – on-going – projects.

When my oldest was born in November (1996), I thought it would be great to make frames to put his Santa pictures in each year. So I started with the Twelve Days of Christmas theme and I was off.

A partridge in a pear tree.

Year one was easy. I mean, the frames were always easy. It was Santa that got a little tricky. Year two was OK. Two turtle doves.

Year three was a no go, but he was quite happy in the living room. Three French hens.

Year four. Nope. Actually, there is a picture, but I am in it and I am hugely pregnant and in a red sweater that in some way my shrinking brain thought was attractive. Not to be trotted back out every Christmas. Four calling birds; again, happy in the living room.

I swore I would never do this as there is an identical picture of me at this age and I can remember seeing it and thinking, “What was the point of that?” But he was fine when I put him down and instructed the guy to “just take the picture.” But he kept trying to jolly him up with talk of Barney, to whom he had not yet been introduced. So, there’s this. Don’t miss his brother’s expression. It pretty much has not changed since. Five gold rings.

Back to the living room. Six geese a-laying.

A switch to the red office so maybe you won’t notice there is no Santa in the picture. Seven swans a-swimming.

Mmm-hmmm. Number three. Didn’t even try. Eight maids a-milking.

This was the lost year of developmental specialists and speech therapists. I do have Christmas pictures, I wasn’t completely unhinged, just not of all three. I think. I still have three rolls of mystery film that need to be developed. This is why digital is a good thing for me. (By the way, all is well.) Nine ladies dancing.

So now, with the possibility of Santa success, the oldest generally has basketball games when we have the opportunity to go without mayhem. So, I have the Santa pictures, but not with all three. Ten lords a-leaping.

This might be the boys’ equivalent of the red maternity sweater picture. Matching sweaters courtesy of their grandmother. Eleven pipers piping.

This year makes twelve. Mr. Blandings and I are good friends with a great couple, you know, when both of you like both of them? Anyway, the husband and I are eerily alike in many ways, except mainly gender and politics. And, I know almost nothing about music and he knows a lot. So I e:mailed him to ask him his top twelve drummers. And this is the list. Clockwise from top left, Neil Pert, Buddy Rich, Lars Ulrich, Keith Moon, Connie Kay, Nick Mason, John Bonham, Gene Krupa, Max Roach, Steward Copeland, Art Blakely and Ginger Baker. Now, don’t e:mail me telling me you have an issue with the list. When I came up with the concept, I said to Mr. Blandings, “What about contemporary drummers? Like Slash?” Diet Coke almost came out of his nose. Hey, I’m just the idea guy. Twelve drummers drumming.
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15 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. What a sweet and original idea.
    Have you ever thought about approaching that gift company (the really nice one you did a post on, can’t think of the name) with it. It would make the best present for the people with kids.

  2. Thank you, all. Yes, the boys are dear – especially when bribed, as they all likely were before each and every photo, The drummer frame is my favorite now. The only question – what to do next? I feel the youngest always get short changed.

  3. The boys are adorable and your frames are utterly charming. The Eleven Pipers Piping (complete with little safety pins!) and the Twelve Drummers are my favorites.

  4. I love this idea. I might have to borrow it though it would be added to my WIP list for 2008. Much too late to start now.

    BTW I’m in KC, too. I stopped by your blog because of the name via Beach Bungalow. Love that movie!

    Cheers! LA

  5. Leigh Ann – this is why I have done no shopping. Not one gift. I have done this frame, two sets of invitations and my Christmas cards – because I think all of that is fun. No gifts. Yikes! Yes, steal away. btw – bb8 is a KC girl born and raised. Maybe we will bump into each other some day.

  6. All of the frames are wonderful–esp love the drummers and your Slash comment!–and how on earth do you get all 3 children to smile at the same time? They are obedient and cute kids.
    Ordered Holly Anne’s jam and am in heaven. Can’t wait to give some away!

  7. SGM – Oh, yes, they are absolute angels – for about 37 seconds, so if you work fast, you sometimes get good results. I had Holly over last night and received jam as a hostess gift. Breakfst was heaven here, too. Your friends will thank you.

  8. omg – this is the cutest thing!!!! makes me wish I had boys and was Christian!! ahhaa!

    Just adorable – your boys are so handsome. My best friend has three boys too – my other best friend has three girls!!


  9. The boys look so happy and cute in the Lords a Leaping frame. I admire you so much for your talents, the needlepoint ornaments are darling!

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