Girlie Girl

When I was expecting my third baby, I convinced myself I was having a girl. Two weeks before the sonogram (I’m such a Christmas-present-peeker, of course I find out) I planned her entire room. I had to work with some existing pieces, but it was yellow and green and white floral perfection. Post-sonogram, I slid the bag into a closet and moved on.

Every now and again I have the opportunity to help decorate a little girl’s room, and, I have to say, I take these projects with relish. When I started the latest, I went digging through my files for the image, top. It’s a Cowtan & Tout ad from 1994. I was convinced it would be discontinued. Like the third sonogram, my instincts were wrong.

Papillon Jardin is alive and well, and hopefully will soon be living in the room of a charming little girl.

No 80’s excess here (although, if you’re going over the top, kids rooms can be a fun place to do it. “Taste” and “restraint” are rarely in their vocabularies.) Two big pillows on the bed, that’s all.

We are using existing furniture from the guest room – this wonderful bamboo from Williams-Sonoma Home. Having had a little faux-bamboo in my own childhood haven, I’m thrilled for her to have such classic pieces.

White bedding, maybe a little pink trim. She hasn’t stomped her foot, but a room with no pink would definitely be a deal breaker.

I love this striped blanket from Pine Cone Hill and the gals at Stuff are getting me a sample.

Also on the way, this jazzy little paper from Schumacher (featured in Chassie Post’s loft in Domino) for the bath. Just a little wall space, existing white cabinets and black countertops.

Pink walls. Pale pink. No Barbie pink. I had to draw the line somewhere. Clients. They can be so temperamental. Especially when they are five.

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13 thoughts on “Girlie Girl

  1. Hello Mrs. B.,
    Add “shaker & sniffer” to the “peeker” and you’ve pegged my household…….(!!)

    The lovelies you’ve posted (that Papillon fab bursting with unapologetic, bodacious blooms! !) further fuels my current task of foraging for wallpaper for my daughter’s dressing rooms…….a little sumpthin’ to go with buttery yellow & cloudlike pink (their respective paint picks).

    In a moment of free associating, I just
    heard that Waldo Fernandez (ofVintageCroquetBallsAsAccessoryFame) yes, he’s much more than that, but that’s what originally imprinted for me – now where was I, oh, yes – he’s just launched a cashmere t-shirt collection.
    A tad pricey, but it’s all about cut, line and quality….

    Again, thank you for the reminder I must get on task with this wallpaper thing……..

  2. All this makes me wish I had a little girl! So charming!!!! I’ve been tempted to buy the Schumacher for my closet – it’s so beautiful and cheerful! Just what I need in the morning!

  3. Oh Mrs B.. what fun you must be having immersing yourself in the world of pink. I, too, was sure my third son was a girl. And the fourth, I knew could only be a boy. woa. The fourth came out a girl. The mental file of tea parties and bows and pink and green was exploding. She is now 7- Her room is mostly a mix of what was an ugly office before she moved into it and furniture which can be made cute once some sort of theme is decided on. You see, I will not cross over to a Star Wars nor an Alvin and the Chipmunks room. And she will not consider a room of pink or fairies or Paris. I hope that someday we can find someplace to meet in the middle before she tapes a picture of some current rock star to her ceiling. Thank you for letting me enjoy this room you are doing along with you.

  4. All I can think of is Sister Parish’s story about when her mother redecorated her room. Sister threw herself on the bed crying and screamed “you promised me pink!”

  5. Just found out today that my first great will be a great-niece. I am hoarse from the scream I let out. on the father’s side, its the first girl after 8 boys!!! We are ecstatic to have broken the streak. decorating my daughter’s nursery was my first “real” room. it was all waverly chintz pinks and green (yea, I know waverly) and pink and white ticking. hardwood floors were covered with a dhurri that resembled a needlepoint rug. omg. to die for!!!

  6. Patricia, great choices. Love that bed! You can enjoy these projects so much and then be spared the teen daughter/mother drama years later 🙂

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