Great Spaces

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but one of the great things that has come my way since I started blogging, is the opportunity to write a column on collecting for our local shelter magazine, Spaces.

It’s a great publication, and while I have been trying not to scan images from current magazines, (oh, except I have all week) I think this one is worthy because it’s local, and most of you are not. And believe me, here in Kansas City, you can live here for twenty years and not be a local.

The images, above, are Linda and Brian Johnson’s garden house. The Johnsons use this retreat year round. Part of the appeal of this story, outside of the lovely design, is the fact that they featured these, basically, outdoor rooms in the winter.

The other garden house in the feature, images above and below, was conceived by landscape designer Patrick Kappelmann. Guess who collaborated on this little gem?

Architectural salvage. Wonderful urns. Great iron. Well, if you’ve been paying attention to my little antique shop romance, you will know, it’s Christopher Filley and his partner Rich Hoffman.

The table is a glazed terra cotta piece modified with a marble top. The antique chairs are iron.

I’d love to have a campaign bed in the sitting room off my bedroom, and only hope I find one as fabulous as this red, 19th century piece. The console was constructed from balcony surrounds from Buenos Aires. The tile is Portuguese.

Is Mr. Blandings jealous? Heavens, no. He knows I’ll always come back from Christopher. With a table. Or a lantern. Or an urn. He just looks the other way.
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7 thoughts on “Great Spaces

  1. The mantlepiece in the second room is amazing. A garden room sounds very luxurious. I would have a grate constructed so that I could cook over the fire!

  2. I love Christopher Filley — I have a romance with his shop as well and I am afraid that everytime I go in there my mouth is always agape.

    His home was on a homes tour a few years ago and it is AMAZING!


  3. All these wonderful, creative people out of Kansas City! I really enjoy reading your blog. Congratulations on your column for Spaces.

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