I had been begging for a Mac. I was so sure I was the hip young guy in sneakers and not P.C. Who wants to be P.C.? In any sense of the word? But then, right before Christmas, I told Mr. Blandings, “Please don’t get me a Mac for Christmas. I’m too busy. I can’t learn a new system right now. ”

So, I’m struggling a bit with my new Mac. (Which was why there was no post on Friday. Busy day, waited too long, Mac and I had a big fat fight. I showed excellent control and maturity and did not throw the mouse.) I hate to be ungrateful, and Mr. Blandings is hating it, too, but I’m not sure this old dog can learn a new trick. Even if it means being un-cool. So, I have two systems running concurrently. I’m trying to move over, and I mostly have, but have kept the crutch of the old system just in case. Mr. Blandings thinks it looks like I have taken up day trading.

I’m not tidy anyway, and with the added computer, my desk is a mess. But yesterday I ran across this ad that I had torn out. A sucker for black and white always, I had to check out these varying sizes of circular tile. Fab.

So, to I go. And looky here. Damask tile in these smoky, edgy colors.

And then, one click away. A Chinoiserie toile tile. It’s in the “thin” section, so one would assume it’s thin, although I did not go into the PDF file because, well, I think things like that are a drag.

In black and red. Stop it. You could tile a whole powder room floor to ceiling.

Now that would be cool.

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19 thoughts on “Mood-y

  1. you can do it, mrs. blandings! mac really is easier and more intuitive, but like anything new, it can be daunting at first. i took a class way back when so i could learn the the ways of the mac, and it really helped. a “for dummies” book helps too. i’d offer my assistance as well, but i’m using an old mac operating system, so i’m a little behind the curve.

    and speaking of not getting things, that toile-y tile is VERY cool, but something is lost in translation as far as the rest of the casamood program…

    good luck!

  2. Mrs. Blandings, come over and slap me! I’m sitting here thinking, “where could I use some of that tile?” Maybe I could just order a few samples and make them into coasters.

  3. maison – thank you for your faith in me. I’m not giving up! And, yes, training or resource material would probably help a good little bit. So stubborn.

  4. Now that would be fun as a screensaver or a mac lap top case! A sucker for bold graphics and a mac –
    extra cheese, please!
    You can do it, it is really ez – do you have a “geek” bar or guy nearby?

  5. Patricia – I have a full-fledged Apple store, friendly, white, clean, jazzy and hip, waiting patiently me for me to quit throwing my temper tantrums and come in for some training. Mr. B keeps saying, “Just put it in the box and go already.” I know, I know. If I added up all the wasted time clicking around, I think I’d find I could have had hours of training by now and gone into business for myself. Maybe next week.

  6. Mrs. Blandings, I switched over to a mac a few years ago and it was not easy at first. But I promise you it will get easier and then you will be so very happy with the switch. So, hang in there. (Also, if you don’t know this already, “force quit”, which is kind of like “ctrl-alt-del” on a pc, but application-specific, is in the menu on the “finder. It is a life saver, since, even though you hear people say “macs don’t crash”, they certainly “stop repsonding”.) Good luck!!

  7. CB – see, I’m forcing training to come right to me. I needed that force quit the other day – hooray. I’m on the road.

  8. A Mac Junkie speaking here…as talented as you are in other things, the Mac will be the easiest thing you ever attempt and in the long run you will love it along with being hip and cool , Mac’s have a “cult” following….get on the wagon with us!

  9. I use a PC at work and a Mac at home (which totally corresponds with my duel personalities). Even though it is slightly frustrating to switch back and forth, I love my Mac so much more. Hang in there! I am sure you will be a pro by March.

  10. Anon. – This would be a crushing blow, except Lori White was the first mean girl to tell me so in 7th grade. It’s old news.

  11. Mrs. B., you’ll make it and it’ll be a gas. I made the switch years ago and now get frustrated trying to help out the in-laws. Something Mrs. E. taught me years ago — there’s not too much you can do to actually break the thing… back everything up and give it a shot.

    And she tiles, too….. hmmmm.


  12. I went that route about 2 years ago and tried and tried, finally I just gave up. Nothing really makes sense – safari and finder Ichat – I everything, uggh – I just hated it. Had so much trouble with mail attachments to pc people. for a while I tried to use both, but now I’m back to the pc only. It was just complicated to figure out all the terms. but – I adore m Iphone. and I’m thinking about getting the new Mac air. Go figure. don’t get rid of your pc is all I have to say.

  13. I’ve been contemplating the switch to the Mac for quite a while but never quite did it. I’m sure you can do it!! There’s always the pain of learning something totally new. BTW, my jaw dropped when I saw that black sofa. That has got to be the longest chesterfield sofa ever!! And I do love chesterfields!

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