Having a Ball

The cover of Charlotte Moss‘s soon to be released book.

Oh, I do love a white blouse.  In almost any setting.  With jeans, a pencil skirt or a ball gown.

Mary McDonald, image courtesy of StyleCourt.

Clearly, I’m not alone.  While this seems to be a designer go-to favorite, I don’t really see it that much around town.

Windsor Smith, image courtesy of, um,  StyleCourt. (Thanks, Courtney, you’re an easy mark.)

Sleeves rolled up is definitely the way to go.  (Easy and Elegant, am I on your turf?  Please weigh in.)

So, I have a little fete this summer which calls for a ball gown.  It is a nice change, after all, from my regular uniform of denim and black.

This image, and the one above, Carolina Herrera, courtesy of The Peak of Chic.

And, while I wouldn’t put myself in the same category as Charlotte, Mary, Windsor and Carolina, I think I could carry it off.

This just caught my eye at Brooks Brothers.  Yes, Brooks Brothers.  Sleeves rolled up, neck open a bit more (nothing scandalous) turquoise beads, maybe?  Oh, how I’m shamelessly dreaming of June.

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19 thoughts on “Having a Ball

  1. Mrs. B.
    Will never fail you & take you anywhere, a white blouse will. You will be absolutely glowing – just smashing.

    A hanging row of white blouses are the first thing I see upon entering my dressing room.

    Oooooo, I can see it now, crisp French cuffs, fabulous cuff links (don’t get me started, I adore links) for your June fete…….

  2. Mrs. B-
    I could see the skirt in le Lac, White shirt, tuquoise beads, and some sort or great metallic sandal.
    My wardrobe consists of jeans or black tie!

  3. Absolutely love this look! Your turquoise beads will be perfect — like Mary’s coral (?) in the image above.

    There’s one more decorator — Sally Perrin I think — who was photographed for HB several years ago in a similar look. I’ll see if I still have it.

  4. I love this look, too. Several years ago Bill Blass designed a taffeta skirt with a sweater set which was so pretty. And then there was the classic grey t-shirt with the long skirt. 🙂

    Martha B.

  5. I went to a big Mardi Gras ball in DC years ago with a crist white shirt, loads of pearls, a beautiful pink ball skirt and black cowboy boots. Got rave reviews (thank god!). Also did a similar thing with a cashmere twinset on top.

  6. So strange, I was just looking at past bridal collections and Carolina Herrera did a beautiful white collar shirt tied in the front with a ball gown skirt in 2006. This is such a random comment!

  7. This is my favorite night time look. so chic – I can’t believe you did a post on it!!! great minds thinks alike. Plus those stools on the post below – I immediately thought of Hovey too. I’m telling you – we’re on the same mind wave today.

  8. Thanks to all – seems like a thumbs up. I do like the Le Lac twist!

    p.s. Rosie is doing quite well, thanks for asking. She is thrilled it’s warmer here as she gets to spend her days ringing the bell to go out for squirrels and birds. The fun is, when she comes in, they come back – and she gets to chase them all over again!

  9. I recently found two classic fitted white shirts, bargains if you are into that. One at Marshall’s and one at Kohl’s, both under $20 on deep deep mark downs. I have worn both of them, with jeans so far, and I absolultely love them. There’s a bit of stretch to them, and they do hide many flaws, as well as cover the waistbands those low-rise jeans. My daughter the lawyer also has a collection of them that she wears with her “attorney uniform” of skirts/pants with jackets. Almost as good as the white Gap t-shirts of a few years ago.

  10. Did I understand that Rosie rings the bell to go outside? Is everything at your house picture perfect!!? I am now very jealous.

  11. So far from perfect, picture or otherwise. I learned bell-training from a friend when Rosie was little, adorable, but not always interested in making it outside. It’s a piece of cake – and a huge help if I’m somewhere else in the house. The downside being, you can feel like the upstairs maid on a sunny day with lots of wildlife in the backyard.

  12. I have quite a collection of white button down shirts myself. They are the best staple in my wardrobe. As many as I have from inexpensive to expensive, it is funny that my favorite came from Target! (Shhh don’t tell anyone!) What a great look with the formal skirts!

  13. Mrs. B, you can’t go wrong! Lately I’m partial to the 3/4 sleeve with the sort of French cuff. And in my book, sleeves rolled once or twice and collar up to show off the neck is just about as WOW! as it gets. For the formal side, Anne Taylor carried a version in silk that tied at the waist. Spectacular. Mrs. E bought it in blue. I tried to get her one in white the next day. Sold out. So you might see a few around town during the evenings!

    And is there anything better than walking into the dressing room and seeing all of your white shirts hanging together? (Grouping by color is almost like decorating.)

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