My One and Only

I’m old enough to not have too many absolutes in my life.  I’m still firm on no lying.  Don’t cheat.  And, always use Creative Candles.

I only use Creative Candles.  Only.  So, when I posted on the Ted Muehling candlesticks, I was not a bit surprised to see that, on the site, he recommends Creative Candles to be used with his pieces. 

He’s in good company, and I don’t mean me.  Creative Candles manufactures the pillars for Polo and the tapers for Simon Pearce, Bloomingdales and Pottery Barn.   
Love the Celebration Candles from Martha Stewart at Macy’s?  Creative Candles.  Be on the look out for candles at Paper Source in all their yummy colors.  Yep, Creative Candles, too.

Pam Fleischer and her husband Ken Weiner bought the company in July, 2005.  Pam came on a month later in the role of Account Development.  Clearly, she’s gotten the hang of things. 

Creative Candles makes tapers in a variety of colors and lengths, including one almost as tall as the youngest Blandings boy.  Pillars and votives, floating and scented.

In addition, they can whip you up a little something custom to coordinate with your event.  Antony Todd?  Are you listening?

Many thanks to Pam and Ken who gave me a tour of their company.  In Kansas City.  But you knew that already, right?

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8 thoughts on “My One and Only

  1. Mrs. Blandings,
    Not only do you have creative “wit” –
    Now you also have creative “wick” – tee hee.
    Love Creative Candles!

  2. I’ll have to buy some. I’m on the hunt for new candles as my beloved Williamsburg candles have been discontinued!

  3. Enjoyed the tour! Glad to be clear on all the companies using the product. Clearly they must be the best.

  4. Mrs. B, Why are they better? Is it the way they burn or last longer or the colors or scents or lack of scents? Please inform.

  5. Your wholehearted endorsement is good enough for me Mrs. B. And two retail outlets within walking distance on a sunnier day!

  6. Anon – so sorry for the delay. They do, I think burn a bit longer. I generally use only white, but I like that they have a matte finish as opposed to a shiny one. N scent (except for the scented.) They are really lovely. Just take a minute to notice, I think you will see the quality is really nice.

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