At The Mall

Deadline time again so I have been out and about hunting and gathering.  An interview at Mission Road Antique Mall allowed for me to breeze through and see what’s new.  A welcome surprise, Steve Rogers has taken a bigger space for Prize closer to the front of the mall and filled it with his trademark treasures.

Yep, one of a pair.

The sun-bleached patina of this tortoise shell is particularly appealing.

In fact, the whole booth had a very pleasing neutral palette.  The obelisks caught my eye, but I did not have time to stop and investigate.

Do not, however, miss Steve’s old spot back in the corner as he still has many treats there.

A few other goodies on my way out included this painted chest in the Rooms That Bloom booth at the front.

This pair of lucite chairs are fab.  
They’d be great in a small space where you need the extra seating, but not the visual clutter.  

A set of four garden chairs (though I believe they are priced separately.)  David Hicks seemed particularly fond of these; they show up in his garden quite often.

My editor awaits.  Sometimes, if it’s late in the day, she’ll email sweetly, “Did I remember to send the deadline?”    A writer herself, I can’t get by with a grumble about my muse.  She did say today; she just didn’t say what time.
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13 thoughts on “At The Mall

  1. The lucite chairs are fab, as are the garden chairs. I like the big white tureen as well and someone could do great things with the metal cabinet. Good eye.

  2. Love that steel cabinet. It would look great here. Must have been from a Doctors office. I would use it as a china cabinet or store art supplies.
    Nothing like a deadline to light the fire.
    Like the tortoise and the hare, steady wins the race.

  3. Love the stainless steel medical cabinet! I have an old metal medical cabinet painted a lovely celery color, with glass doors that houses my collection of matte white pottery.

  4. Oooooo I love everything, and really love the lucite chairs too! It’s my birthday today, and I’m treating myself by reading my favorite blogs…thanks for the trip to the mall!

  5. The faux bamboo chairs are just wonderful~ I am dreaming of the many different upholstery choices that would be perfect.

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