Italy and Back in Day

These are the jars that I spied in the booth at Tablescapes right across the aisle from La Plates.

What’s this?  A new spot?  How could I have missed it?

But it’s not new.  Round Trip Imports has been around for a while, I just wasn’t paying attention.
Round Trip’s owner Mary Lies (pronounced “lease”) was originally in town, but moved her shop to DeSoto, Kansas about a year ago.

DeSoto is not far.  In a bigger city the twenty minute drive could be a trip to the grocery.  But these treasures are more enchanting, and just as essential as bread and milk.

Wonderful furniture and accents.

Unique lighting.

Some of the best chairs I’ve seen and I am a self-professed chairaholic.

We don’t see a lot of Italian antiques or vintage pieces around town.

And it is such an easy drive, just off K-10 for you Jayhawk fans.

But wait, the news gets even better.

(What is that big pot?  I adore it!  Me, who’s easy on the exclamation points could not resist.  There is nothing better than that charcoal-almost-black color.)

I’m not keeping this resource all to myself.  Just because I’ve been twice in a week doesn’t mean it’s only for those of us who can hop in the car and be back by lunch.

You, too, can shop Mary’s wonderful spot.  On-line.  Here.

Tell her Mrs. Blandings sent you.  
(Are you seeing the scale?  Adore!  There I go again.)
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9 thoughts on “Italy and Back in Day

  1. What a crock-of-shilly-shallying items….I mean really, how shall we decide which crock, what chair, or treasure to take home to the Godfather.

  2. I see you have found a great way to fill your empty “boy-child” hours. I knew it wouldn’t take long! LOL This place was a great find!

  3. You probably don’t want to hear it, Mrs B, but those sleek wooden dining chairs you admired would look pretty fabulous in your dining room. Do admit!

  4. Yes, all, it’s a good one – and Mary is a delight as well which makes it a double treat. Toby – don’t I know it. If Washington and Wall St. don’t get their acts together, I’m going to be waiting tables instead of buying chairs.

  5. What a great place — I can’t wait to visit next time we go to the city — and it is I who always says I “need nothing” — I can see coming home with a trunkful!

    Thanks for sharing —


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