Soccer Mom 2

I’m one of an annoying breed of people who is continually unprepared for routine activities.  Each weekend, fall and spring, I attend a minimum of three outdoor sporting events, but never manage to bring a chair.  I don’t mind standing, but it seems somewhat aloof when everyone else is sitting.

Quite a while ago, I posted some polo stools from 1st dibs that would be just the thing for the soccer mom in denial.

Then, last weekend, whilst hunting and gathering for Spaces, I ran across this.

Not polo stool, but shooting stick, or so the dealer told me.  Bamboo.  And, despite its age, it’s sturdy and functional.  Can you imagine that anytime in the future someone will come across the collapsable nylon contraption and feel her pulse quicken?  I think not.

Let the games begin.
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14 thoughts on “Soccer Mom 2

  1. If you were thinking of Mr. B, that is the kind of thing that I would say, “Do you want one, too?” and he would quickly reply, “I’m good.”

  2. Courtney – that evil spike at the bottom is plunged into the turf, then the two pieces on the top fold out to create a seat. Genius.

  3. An updated, more modern version of these lightweight, portable seats can be seen frequently at professional golf tournaments. Carried by wandering spectators, they act as a quick stool to rest the legs when coming upon one’s favorite golfer.

  4. I own a similar seat,although metal,purchased at an estate sale years ago. My husband took it to a dove shoot (they do those sorts of things in Texas) and although he made some derogatory remarks while packing it,it was admired on the field. Love your style!

  5. Shooting sticks are the niftiest contraptions! My father has had a chrome and leather one for years. They really do come in handy!

  6. Naturally — a shooting stick is accompanied by a hip flask of one’s favorite libation. Perhaps a prepared picnic hamper, blanket and umbrella might prove useful as well? “Jolly good game, what?” “I say — that was a clever move!” “Now that nasty move wasn’t cricket!” Just some lines to add to the fun …..

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  7. Nice find! I’ve also run across them with an umbrella attached (but with a significantly less formidable spike, which is a shame. Don’t neglect the leather wrapped thermos and binoculars!

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