The American Issue

Let’s pretend for a moment that the biggest American Issue before us at the beginning of November was which designers World of Interiors chose to represent the colonies.

Would you vote for the elusive Mr. Gambrel?  

I’m always interested in his views.

His perspective is always clear, straight-forward and thought provoking.  No muddy waters here.
Darryl Carter?  A self made man – in the world of design, anyway.

He has no trouble communicating his message.

Mr. Smith would do a lovely job representing us and he is equally strong in domestic and foreign policy.

What do you think?

Who would you define as the quintessential American designer working today?
Photos, top three courtesy of S. R. Gambrel, middle two via Point Click Home, originally published May, 2008 Met Home, and bottom three from Michael Smith.
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30 thoughts on “The American Issue

  1. Mrs B, you know I’m always with you when it comes to Mr Gambrel. He’d win my vote anyday!

    PS I can’t wait for the new World of Interiors to go on sale here!

  2. You totally hit on two of both Eddie’s and my favorites: Stephen Gambrel and Darryl Carter. Both are such nice guys too! Great Post!

  3. I agree with gina — not enough punch or personality. (Though generally I like much of the work of all three and just bought Carter’s book).

    My vote goes to a triumvirate of mix matsters: Albert Hadley, Mariette Heims Gomez and Victoria Hagan.

  4. Gina and Ms. Wis – cannot agree on the boring part – I think there is personality in spades here. And I completely agree with Hadley, Gomez and Hagan; we have not had the opportunity to see new work for a while.

  5. What a nice “break” from this election with all it’s waffling and mud-slinging!……My vote would go to (drum roll please) …..Mr. Charles Faudree! He epitomizes to me charm and loveliness in design always with a “french twist”! Thanks for a delightful post today, Mrs. B!

  6. I do love Steven Gambrel’s work. Although Darryl Carter’s rooms give me a very good feeling. Their websites show more views of their designs.Of course I always want to see more works of art being an integral part of a rooms design no matter the clients taste-traditional contemporaty or a mix.

  7. I absolutely agree with Steven Gambrel, Miles Redd and Mariette Himes Gomez. I would add Andrew Fisher, although he’s not quite in the same elevated sphere as the others.

  8. Not sure if he’s quintessentially “American” but Jeffrey Bilhuber would seem to fit the bill.
    Miles Redd for authentic glamour and ingenuity, and Markham Roberts for all round excellence.

  9. I have to admit, i hadn’t given gambrel much notice until you piqued my interest.

    I LOVE that bedroom. I love that his work is traditional but with a modern vibe. He’s definitely up there on my favorites list.

  10. Hmm…Well, it’s a remarkable pool of talent. Each candidate has made such contributions to the national stage and each has a compelling story.

    Carter already has such close ties to the nation’s capitol — is he our DC insider? Gambrel also has ties to Virginia but I tend to associate him with East Coast chic. I guess all of them have a secure grasp on design history.

    But then Smith is comfortable on cross-cultural issues 🙂

  11. I’ll balance the ticket and focus on women tomorrow per Meg/Pigtown’s suggestion. In music, art and design I seem to respond to men better, but I do have some women on my short list.

  12. I love everyone’s ideas – esp. Toby’s, but seeing how World of Interiors always picks the unusual, I can see them spotlighting people like Michael Trapp – quirky designers off the radar screen. very very interesting discussion and can’t wait to see the issue. is it out?

  13. Joni – I do not believe it is out, so I’m not holding out on you. I would normally agree on the off the radar thing – but the Oct. cover was Tony Baratta’s Miami home. Can’t wait to see!

  14. I agree with AL about Bunny Williams and HOBAC about Miles Redd (or maybe Daniel Romualdez?), they’ll also include a giant like Hadley and someone like Ingrao who’s as much of a dealer as a decorator. There’s also going to be someone modern (Robert Couturier?), something ancestral and DEFINITELY an eccentric way off the radar like Barbara Pershyn-Davis or J Morgan Puett (both WOI alum).

  15. Patricia, I didn’t know you are a Tulsan! I just love Charles Faudree …..he is so much fun and a delightful friend! He was my houseguest a couple of years ago and we still stay in touch. He is so gifted ……I just love his latest design book….I think it is his best one by far!

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