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As promised, I managed to snag a few images from the Tablescapes luncheon.  Round Trip Imports decorated the space above and I think you can see why I grabbed a card and made a point to hop on K-10.

I like it when I can pick up an idea that I can easily replicate myself like this chair decoration from Zabedo.  I’ve done boots and sunflowers, but I like the hydrangeas as it’s a flower that’s pretty easy to lay your hands on around here three seasons of  the year.

Provence on the Prairie showed off their Halloween spirit.  I think this is a clever use of black and white toile.  One of #3’s friends has a mommy who is hip to Halloween.  Since the first of the month she has had her stately home graced with giant spiders.  Her indoor Halloween decorations rival any Christmas extravaganza.  Everyday since the youngest Blandings laid eyes on it he’s asked, “Halloween decorations today?”  You have no idea his disappointment to hear, “Yes!” and see the three tattered pumpkins and such.  I could use a few of these charmers myself.

La Plates had another take on holiday taking a pass on the traditional red and green.  This lively table is just what you need when holiday obligations start to get the best of you.

Roy Frey Western Lifestyles kept with the cow town theme using retro looking dishes and whip-stitched cowhide.

While Will Wyatt’s Cowboy Couture lived up to their name using graphic chargers and gleaming aluminum against chic brown and white.

Trapp’s is one of the city’s finest florists and event coordinators; these tight, individual arrangements are another you could try at home.

And, I have to say, Pear Tree was one of my favorites.

Soothing and elegant green and white, elaborately planned and displayed, yet conscious of the needs of their guests.  These are the cloches I dashed in to grab the day of my last dinner party.  Aren’t the beans delightful?
And, a party favor for the lucky guests, as if the event itself were not treat enough.

If you don’t read the comments, you wouldn’t know, but Courtney has been teasing me about my outfit since I first mentioned this event.  So, Court, as you can see, it’s all variations on the same theme.  Domino skirt from J. Crew, Brooks Brothers blouse and a fistful of onyx beads.  Out of camera range the black, pointy toed sling-backs that on closer inspection need a bit of a polish.
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23 thoughts on “Back to the Table

  1. I LOVE the black and white toile for Halloween! (My house has a giant web and spiders…next year I think I’m going to add toile to the Halloween mix). Where are the heart shaped dishes from? Love those. Lecia

  2. Lecia – those are from Pear Tree as well – that is their logo. I believe they carry a line of porcelain that can be customized like this. And, yes, the toile is great.

  3. The Tablescapes are so wonderful, but . like you, I think my fave is The Pear also. I am really into pears for some reason. I just purchased a darling oil painting of a pear which I have pictured on my blog right now.
    Patricia, I love your very chic outfit you wore…..I am sure you looked mahvelous!
    Have a great day!

  4. I love La Plates. On Thanksgiving for the “Kids’ Table” I am going to have them made up with each child’s name-double use as a place card and take home.

    Love those Brook Brothers blouses.

  5. Love the tablescapes! But love your outfit even more. That’s just the kind of thing I like to wear. Got a variation of it on today.

  6. …and where is your “tabelscape?” I think this could be another book written by you. There I said, it again, how redundant of me.

  7. Beautiful tablescapes(Pear Tree is my favorite)
    Also, your outfit: lovely,lovely,lovely!!!

    ps Your post on your children and nurseries the other day brought tears to my eyes.

    -Linda,Long Island,New York.

  8. Thank you for the great post! It was a wonderfully creative event. And just for the record, the picture doesn’t show how smashing you looked in that outfit!

  9. The beans! The green and white Pear Tree table is very elegant.

    As were you in your ensemble. Nicely done, Mrs. B. (Is that one of the miracle blouses that BSquared has been touting?)

  10. Mrs. B, the event looks like it was wonderful eye candy. I love the tables and the outfit.
    But….I am more concerned with little Blandings and his need for Halloween decor. You must break down and purchase a few big spiders!!

  11. That looked like such a fun event. I must go and visit Kansas City. It looks like it is full of wonderful design and inspiration. I’m glad you had a good time at the event. I loved all the tablescapes in there own different ways. I adore the black toile. I’m a bit toile obsessed so any excuse to use it is great for me.


  12. So glad you shared the outfit. I love it. Perfect for you and the event.

    And now I have this wonderful image in my head of the stately Halloween house. When I was little Halloween was my favorite holiday so I would have flipped for that home, like #3.

    You’ll have to get creative and do a Blandings Halloween to rival Martha!

    (Thanks for sharing the event too.)

  13. Capegirl – truly, the most darling idea. I rarely think of these things with enough time to plan – bravo.

  14. Courtney – my friend, the Halloween nut, is the spitting image of Carolina Herrera. Twins, give or take a generation or two. I just told Mr. B yesterday that it seems quite unfair that she has a winning personality and a killer sense of humor as well. Now the Halloween thing. I’ve got to get on the ball.

  15. oh. i’m the worst at the halloween decor. The most I do is white pumpkins, toile outdoor pillows and some ‘scary’ crows from martha stewart. my kids want that terrible fake spider web stuff and flashing eyeballs in the ferns. oy.

  16. LOVE the outfit….anything J. Crew is great in my book…and I think I have aboiut 10 white blouses.

    Pear Tree, hands down…..but the others are pretty too. Those cloches are great. 😉

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