When Mr. Blandings was right out of school he moved to Colorado for a year to ski.  One of his go-to stories recounts standing in a ski lift line and the guy running it had his ball cap on sideways.  Another guy standing in line said, “Dude, hat’s on sideways.”  The lift operator paused and responded, “Dude, s’pose to be.”  Over the years it has become our code for pointing out something we feel the other person should recognize as painfully obvious.   Eventually, all either of us needed to say was, “Dude.”

This is a banner on a current design magazine.  
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11 thoughts on “Dude

  1. Dianne – You know I don’t usually post “negative,” but geez, this is inane and annoying. They have used this banner before. Also, the picture on the cover, over which the banner stretches? A hotel.

  2. too funny. a very close friend (who went to college in KC) and i always say “shoe box” when something is too mortifying to look at directly (jerry springer show, fashion victims, etc). stems from when we were in grade school and made pinhole viewers out of shoe boxes so we could view a solar eclipse indirectly.

  3. I saw that right away and thought “Really?!” “Duh” would also work. It reminded me of a time after I was widowed and was in the Target parking lot with my son. A guy drove through in one of those low riding cars with a boom box blaring, and had his cap on backwards. My son (who thinks he is very funny) said, Mom look there goes your boyfriend!

  4. The moment I opened the packaging and saw that banner, I knew I’d be hearing about it online! It seriously is the stupidest cover I’ve ever seen.

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