My Latest Crush

A while ago, Mr. Blandings and I were invited to a fundraising event in a private home.  Once inside, someone turned to me and said, “Some house, huh?  This is really something.”  To which I responded with a weak smile.  “Aren’t you impressed?”  I’m always impressed when people open their homes to strangers in an effort to raise money for a good cause.  But.  Well, large and expensive doesn’t impress me.

Last night I was invited to a dinner for a small group of women and, frankly, I don’t know why I was there.  These women are very successful.  Very.  And widely traveled.  Widely.  And incredibly bright.  Truly.  And then there was me, fresh from the carpool line.  But that is neither here nor there.  The story to tell was the apartment.
The apartment was stunning.  And not because of the pieces that its owner had compiled, though they were compelling, but because, upon entering, upon crossing the threshold, I knew that each and every object had a story.  Each piece could be remembered for what it meant, or where it was gathered, or who was there when she found it.
Personal and powerful, that is what impresses me.  Really great art, personal photographs, sketches done poolside years ago and shoes from Old Navy.  I could have snapped images of the entire space, but, curses, my editor was there and she got first dibs.  She pays me, by the way, while the blog does not, so it seemed wise to concede.  
She agreed that I could post the images once Spaces had published them.  (Months from now, you should be grinding your teeth.)  So I will wait to show you this amazing space.  This amazing space which is not as extravagant as a hotel lobby, but which wears its heart on its sleeve, as does its owner whom I adore.
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18 thoughts on “My Latest Crush

  1. Why every house can use a bit of (or a bit more) black……….
    That b/w awning stripe….swooooon.
    The stork club ashtray, good story.
    Those turned and shapely furniture legs, curves on the mirror, swoops and curls on the mantle objets, twists of the andirons……WOW !
    Layered rugs….yum.
    What came first, her chair fabric or rug – they are MADE for each other!

    Without giving it away, was the blue behind the mantle used anywhere else in the room?

    This woman can do NOTHING wrong.

  2. This sentence you wrote, “…each and every object had a story. Each piece could be remembered for what it meant, or where it was gathered, or who was there when she found it,” that’s what it is all about. Can’t wait to see in 2009!

  3. Mrs. B — I can’t wait to see the pictures. I love houses that wears its heart on its sleeve, rather than houses that look like a hotel. But then Linderhof is one of the former.

  4. I am loving this home already! I cannot wait to see the rest (in a few months,darn it!) ….I agree with you Mrs. B about the things that make a home impressive….not grandeur, but simple elegance, that speaks volumes about the person who inhabits it!

  5. Oh what a great teaser that first image is. I love the pop of blue between the fireplace. Ah love. Can’t wait to see who this fab lady is and see more of her home.

  6. The fabrics, the rug, I can’t wait until Zim gives you the go ahead! Plus you must stop selling yourself short, you fit in perfectly with all of those women!

  7. The aqua or turquoise blue above the fireplace is very attractive. I’ve had that color on my mind lately.

    It is a beautiful room. Thanks for sharing the photo. I enjoy your blog very much.

  8. I couldn’t agree more- the best homes are the ones that show personality, that tell a story, that show a life. Not what one can afford but rather how one lives and loves. Can’t wait to see more of this home!! Christy

  9. Dear Mrs. B. How dear of you to have captured the heart and soul of my home . It is my passion and you are definetly invited back! Mrs. A.

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve said it before – I know the stories of every object in my house (almost), because they’ve all been chosen with care.

  11. Beautifully stated and so, so true. I can understand perfectly why you were captivated, Patricia. I would be, too. Livable spaces with interesting owners who surround themselves with the things they love that tell a story are always the best. I’m so glad you were able to visit this lady’s apartment and eagerly look forward to your upcoming review.


  12. I promise to post the entire space once Zim has them in print. Yes, the entire living space, living room, dining room, bar/study are all in the same perfect shade of turquoise with white trim and the black picture frame moulding. Mrs. A has a passion for black and white and that carries through each room. And, yes, if anyone knows the now-discontinued fabric, please speak up, we’d love to know.

  13. I so agree with your sentiment. We have a fund raising group in our community which used to have tours of decorated homes at the holidays. It has turned into, “can we tour the houses of people who’ve spent tons of money and want to show it off”. It is not nearly as nice.

  14. Mrs. B, I find it very interesting that you would feel as if you didn’t belong in such a group of women, when just a few days earlier I was thinking, “How cool is she with all those amazing people in New York City. I would love to just be in her presence.” You’re awesome!

  15. Being a former Kansas Citian you’ve really peaked my curiosity; what a wonderful apartment. Just what I am looking for here in Chicago, and can’t find! I too am most at home in a home with a story. The vast empty space places say nothing to me.

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