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  1. Mrs. B, your eye for detail amazes me! I could have looked at that photo all day, concentrating on the people, their clothing, and the place in time. I’d have missed the grotto chair altogether!

  2. At the risk of appearing pedantic, it would be better written “The Hon Lady Mosley, née Hon Diana Mitford, with husband … ” Calling her Lady Diana Mitford Mosley would be someone else altogether …

  3. Have you read about the Mitford sisters? Absolutely fascinating. I need to find a grotto chair – where I’ll put it I do not know, but I now feel that I need one 😉 !!

  4. Anon – I’m so glad you let me know. Even as I was typing it I thought, “I don’t know what I’m doing here and someone is going to see this (unrecognized) glaring error. I could use a little tutorial.

  5. Anon – I’m embarrassed to say I’ve read volumes on the Mitford sisters – it’s been something of an obsession of late.

  6. If you've read volumes about the Mitfords, then you must know these people so charming in this photo were Nazi sympathisers and noted Fascists.

    Hon & Sir there spent some War years in prison, not lolling about in grotto chairs…after their wedding, hosted by Goebbels, where Hitler was a guest of honor.

    Here's a nice photo of a couple of those darling Mitford sisters.


    She was an unrepenant Fascist all of her life.

  7. Anon. – yes, of course I am aware and I am so sorry if you stumbled upon this and made your impression of either me or the blog based on this post in isolation. My facination with the Mitfords began with Decca and that being said I am no more Communist than Nazi sympathizer. I'm particularly interested in this period between the wars and this family serves as some sort of petrie dish for the era. I think Diana's story is interesting even while I find her beliefs repulsive. I recently finished Winston Churchill's "A Life" and was struck by how early in the conflict and Hitler's reign that Churchill was declaring in his editorials the horrors the Nazis were inflicting. Nearly anyone's claim that they didn't know rings false with that knowledge.

    Citing the chair was a coincidence in a jumble of posts (as they all are) about the Mitfords and grotto chairs. I am sorry, truly, if I offended you.

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