Unrequited Love

This dreamy little sink appeared in World of Interiors a while ago with a link.  Sadly, I’m besotted, but the sink appears no where on the site.  But I keep checking.  Because you never know.  She might be there one day.  That’s ok.  I’ll wait.

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3 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. This spurred me to dig deep in my old bath/plumbing files……..had saved a bucket style sink image from this site – just a bit shallower than the one you posted, but fab, nonetheless.
    http://www.waveplumbing.com “Linkasink – Copper”

    The mirror as a backsplash/wall is mesmerizing on your photo. Just lovely.
    The sink appears as though floating. Wow.
    I’m attempting to deconstruct this – does it drain from behind the bucket, through the mirror wall?

  2. gosh…the photo's so fabulous it could just be plopped in a frame (that echoes the one within) & hung in homage near your bath?

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