Yeah. I got nothin’.

It’s a combination of things really.  As you know, it was the weekend before Christmas and we were blessedly busy.  Best, best friends in town whom we were fortunate to see Friday with just the right size crowd; large enough to be lively, not so large that we didn’t get to really catch up.

Saturday was a milestone birthday of someone especially dear.  Oh, so much fun, but up much too late both nights.  This old dog was up to her old tricks but it does take her a little longer to bounce back.

And it’s cold here.  Really cold.  Unusually cold.  Four degrees.  Four degrees is a ridiculous temperature.  So I stayed in yesterday and painted a chair inspired by Madeline Weinrib’s home in Elle Decor, December, 2008.  Yes, I know I’ve posted it before, but I just can’t stop thinking about her deft combination of blue and black.  I don’t know that I’ve done so well, but this room was looking a little brown.  I moved some rugs.  I made a plan to paint the playroom.
It’s supposed to be twenty-two degrees today.  Maybe today I’ll get out.  But maybe not; there’s still plenty of paint in the basement. 
Image, top, by Simon Upton.
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27 thoughts on “Yeah. I got nothin’.

  1. I’m with you Mrs. B. Never left the house on Sunday. Did laundry and baked cookies, mostly because the dryer and the oven were hot.

  2. Funny how when we are forced to stay in, what wonder we find, a bucket of paint, black to boot and a brush to wield marvelous and wondrous things. I do love the addition of that chair. Job well done.
    Happy Birthday.

  3. Congratulations not only on your beautiful blue and black chair but the mention of your blog in the KC Star yesterday (the only Star that they deliver to my part of Kansas anymore!)

  4. Brrrrrrrrrr….it is COLD, Mrs. B….and I don’t blame you for staying inside….I did the same thing!

    I love the combination of the blue and black…..very chic. I think you did a great job with your chair. You have inspired me too!

  5. Mrs B, that chair needs a bit more sheen~perhaps a coat of satin finish varnish? Not a vulgar gloss, but still…something to give it more life. Don’t you agree?

  6. David – since I was in the scary basement I was doing laundry at the same time too. The dryer does help. Hope you’re still having fun with your guest pup.

  7. Toby – perhaps you’re right. I love the chalkiness of the finish, but maybe it’s not quite right for this chair. I’ll live with it through Christmas and then decide. Thanks for your input – always valued here.

  8. It is this dry cold that I find so painful. Did you at least get a little moisture from the heat emanating from the dryer? I’ve turned a kettle on the stove before just to get some steam on my cheeks. My humidifier just does not do the trick.

    I do like your black chairs as well. How do you prevent paint from collecting in the holes of the cane?

  9. Mrs. B- Wonderful chair, I like it chalky (is that a word?). I love the red room to me its very KC. WARMEST holiday wishes!

  10. Yesterday, I saw the article in the KC Star about your blog and thought I would check it out. Fun and informative. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2009.

  11. I think I've said it before but every time I see your rug with the paint color I think of Todd Romano's living room in House & Garden, one of my all time favorite rooms. Good job!

  12. Mrs. B- Sorry for my anonymous post…Thanks for the info on the rug! I also wanted to mention how great your blog is. You have given me tons of ideas and inspirations…Have a wonderful holiday!

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