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On only one other occasion did I trip up the whole class.  Even Aesthete, who knows nearly everything (nearly everything that holds my interest) was momentarily stumped.  In any event, this entire exercise was backwards.  All I wanted to post all along was Bill Sofield and Dennis Anderson’s Southampton home from House and Garden, September, 2005.

If you look closely you can see the telltale tusk table just through the doorway between the chairs.
The images from the earlier post were Sofield’s home while he was still associated with Thomas O’Brien and Aero Studios; it seems several readers could feel the influence of that partnership.  His apartment appeared in House and Garden, March, 1993.

This sailor sculpture by Louis Slobodkin was on the mantle in the previous post as was the silver bulb which appeared on the coffee table.  And, yes, I adore the bowl for leashes.
The Southampton home pictured here is something of a castle with a long and spirited history. I’m captivated by the house and its organic, personal decor.  But I am especially in love with the way the dogs are showcased in residence.

They are either beautifully trained or completely indifferent to the photographer and all the rest tromping through their home.  Don’t miss the sleek and noble beast completely sacked on the sofa.  Heaven.

Diego Giacometti lamps and knight prints from the Tony Duquette estate flank the bed.
My only regret in shifting my office is that Rosie, my boxer pup, used to sleep on the sofa in a sunny spot while I worked.  Now I sit in the sunny spot and she is protesting by sleeping in the kitchen.
I’m luring her back in by moving her bed right by my desk.  It’s a tough transition.  The door, now conveniently behind me, would be so easy for the in and out of chasing squirrels but as she has never seen the door opened before it is somewhat terrifying and she backs away slowly, tail tucked, when I try to coax her through it.

Sakes, I got distracted.  The poolside gazebo, shown in the two images above and top, is graced by a Tiffany chandelier designed for Gorman’s Chinese Theatre.  Sofiled and Anderson say in the article that they enjoy the taxidermy as it satisfies a love of antiques and nature simultaneously.  The bears are a nod to local lore that a former owner, a jewelry heiress, once kept pet baby bears there.  I wonder if they slept on the sofa, too.
Photography, HG March, 1993 Michael Mundy.  Photography, HG September 2005, Martyn Thompson.
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16 thoughts on “Bill Sofield

  1. Amazing eye candy, new name for me. Have you tried treats to get your dog to visit the new dog bed, or walk through the scary door? You could drop a little trail of them. Or bury a few in the bed. A few positive experiences always seem to overwhelm my dog’s occasional fears.

  2. I love this post…..
    The masculine / laid back look so very "Ahhhhh" yet clean, neutral and kid& dog friendly!
    Thank You!

  3. Yikes! Pet baby bears. How do you potty train them? I wonder if they would scratch on the sofa like my new kitten? I love the pictures anyway. Nice blend of rich finishes.

  4. the home he designed published in december’s world of interiors might be my favorite project published in all of 2008- breathtaking cost a fortune, and it shows (but in a understated, not showy way). the bathrooms of that project in particular will haunt me for a while. genius.

  5. Bill Sofield is a new fave of mine! I love his way of creating comfort and the ease of true living!!! The dogs are the best part, I agree! Nothing like a sleeping dog all snuggled on the sofa! Love it! Loved your story about your pup too. Thanks for enlightening me on this designer….He is terrific!

  6. mrs B

    i adore the gazebo.
    i wish you could mover your work studio there, the baby doggie would surely love it. ( no matter the dogs age, they are always 'baby doggies' to me )

    and the exposed beams !!!!
    i lived in a guest house in coconut grove florida that this last room reminds me of.

    btw, my mom has taxidermy all over the house in maine. grizzly bear rug, huge moose head, huge cougar on a log, an antelope's head, blah,blah,blah.
    somehow, i am not certain, but i don't think it is her love of antiques & nature.


  7. I knew it was someone under the influence of Thomas.

    Glad Rosie found a sunny spot, you must miss her on the sofa. Perhaps a new dog bed is in order for her…
    or bear rug.

  8. perfect. all of it. i saw the dalmation but not the noble beast on the sofa, i had to scroll back up. what a delight.
    thanks for the quiz! i couldn’t guess it, but it’s always fun to see the clues.

  9. I love that Victorian taxidermy. It’s so interesting and reminds me of childhood visit to the American History museum in DC and the British Natural History Museum in London.

    And I wish I could train Connor like those dogs. Any motion by me or anyone else here, he has to investigate.

  10. I too love the dalmation. regarding Rosie’s strike: Life is better with them underfoot than with them in another room, no?
    Be well, The Hostess

  11. i am SO loving these spaces. that gazebo is stunning! such unique detail – it’s cluttered in a comfortable way. so hard to achieve that look. gorgeous!

  12. Sofield is absolutely amazing! I’ve been working as a visual display manager for Baker furniture for 8 years, and have long admired his work. Isn’t that home, PickFair -the former home of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks?

  13. post script: Look for a new addition to the Sofield collection for Baker being introduced next Market. But, shhh, it’s just a secret between us!

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