What I Did Over Christmas Vacation

Just as the ribbon and wrapping were cleared, just as the house began to absorb all the new stuff, I turned to Mr. Blandings and said, “I think we need to flip the office.”  Sofa to this end, desk to the other.  No more looking into my piles and stacks upon entering the house.

Actually, I wasn’t sure, but a very savvy guy had suggested it and wanted to give it a try.  

Mr. Blandings is used to this sort of thing and he knew that I would do most of the lifting and toting myself.

But the desk is very, very heavy.  I simply couldn’t move it on my own.  So he help even though it was not his priority over his few days off over the holidays.  Well.  Then, of course, there was the sorting out of the cords and connections and hook-ups and ports.  Bother.

And why the shift?  The elder Mr. Blandings dropped these prints by just before Thanksgiving.  They had hung in his sitting room at college and had been out of use for quite a while.

We’d visited them a couple of time over the last ten years or so.  We’d amble in and admire them.  He’d ask me if I wanted them.  I’d gush.  He’d nod.  Then the click of the light and the close of the door would tell me, “No.  Not yet.”

And then with no fanfare he dropped by on a very cold day and said, “Didn’t you want these?”  Indeed.  So now, what is in the planning stages is a gallery wall.  Maybe not so grand as what you will find here, but a collection of stuff personal and dear.
Somewhere, oh, somewhere, there is an vintage image of birds decoupaged on a wall that was the premise of today’s post.  Somewhere.  Hopefully I’ll find it today and we will be back on track.  The boys are still(!) out of school and indifferent to my lapse in posting.
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24 thoughts on “What I Did Over Christmas Vacation

  1. Mrs. B —

    A — love those pictures — theya re a true treasure.

    B — you need some of those “moving Men” things that you put under legs — it is amazing what I can move using those!


  2. i think i might have had to move the sofa and desk out entirely just so i could stare at an uninterrupted expanse of that gorgeous carpet!

    looking forward to the gallery wall with youy new (old) prints!

    happy new year, mrs. b!

    ps- love the greek key nailheads above the knee of the armchair- nice touch…

  3. The art of persuasion is half the battle. Now that you have the room set, the layout and actual hanging will be the fun part. Love the new layout of your dream room.

  4. ps-I do love red walls, but I want to come and paint that room a warm silvery color, like Steven Gambrel and then have some sort of slim coffee table for piles of books.

  5. Beautiful Prints, I know you will cherish them for years to come. I Love your office changes. So good to see you at the Antiques Mall!

  6. Thanks for the link to the article on art and works on paper. In response to the difficulty of selling art in this economic climate, I have switched from canvases to small collages. Even though art may be a luxury item, it would be nice to think that if someone loved a piece, it would be affordable. And I, too, love that carpet.

  7. Those prints are wonderful, please post a photo when you’ve got them placed.

    And I think I had a Mrs. Blandings sighting of my own. Were you at Hall’s around lunch time on New Years Eve?

  8. I have that same rug and I love it. Unfortuntely, it is in storage as I am between houses.But I love how it looks with your red walls. Have you ever seen the pics of Rex Harrison’s dark blue dining room? He had the same rug, too.

  9. Great new layout. Those new inherited pieces will be a smashing addition. Looking forward to the after picture on the art wall.

  10. Ah! yes! I do recognize the old “Bait-and-switch” for furniture re-adjustment. Happens often around here too. DH has learned to recognize the signs — heavy sighing; clucking over vague changes and finally — tugging and pushing of furniture with much muttering-under-breath. But your room is looking lovely!! Very very nice switch for the start of a fresh new year! Well done indeed! And those prints are wonderful! What a family treasure!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  11. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on the room. Things are coming along and I’m hoping the wall will be installed….someday.

    M – thanks re the Greek key. I loved having that chair as my office chair, but she’s old and set in her ways and was unwilling to move.

    Megan – these are just prints, but it appears the originals were paint.

    Patricia – hmmm…will think on the paint color, but completely agree on the table. I was on the hunt this weekend. So far, no luck.

    Karena – fun to run into you, too!

    David! You should have said hello. I’m sure I was in a rush or with a boy, distracted either way. So sorry I didn’t see you first.

    Lecaro – have not seen the room, but now I am intrigued.

  12. LOVE the prints! So whimsical!

    I just received my House Beautiful and congrats on your spread! Keep up the great work. Great story about your room evolved and how there are so many sentimental pieces with a story that goes with each.

    Love your blog too!


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