Bead of My Heart

T.S. Eliot had it all wrong.  February is the cruelest month by far.  Even with our occasional glimpses of the sun, the winter has not kept me warm, though I am hopeful for the lilacs.  I’m weary of the cold and gray.

Casting about for inspiration and distraction, I enjoyed Town & Country’s profile of Diane von Furstenberg.  It reminded me of the House & Garden feature of her Paris apartment in September of ’05.  (Yes, that is the kind of nonsense I retain, while I had to remind myself that Eliot deemed April the cruelest month.  April, even in the waste land of the modern world, is a piece of cake compared to February.)
von Furstenberg’s apartment is that tireless and timeless mix of old and new and this and that.  Oh, and the Warhol, of course.  But when I looked it up, what I couldn’t resist was the African beaded chairs.

Right?  Then, on the hunt for something else, I ran across the image of Charlene de Ganay’s vacation home, second from top, which features a beaded chair as well.  

This is just the kind of folly that would lift my spirits.  Imagine how much fun those boys would have pick, pick, picking until the cascade began.  I cannot begin to imagine if these are comfortable or not, though if I were a guest of von Furstenberg or Ganay I am pretty sure I would neither notice nor care.
Several beaded chairs, stools and tables can be found at 1st dibs and other spots on-line.  In addition, Christopher Filley sometimes has a piece of beaded cloth or such that holds the same graphic appeal.

Looking over the budget it appears that Mr. Blandings has left off the “African Beaded Chair” line item, so perhaps I will make my way back to the Nelson to enjoy the African beaded throne that sits just outside the Homer Page exhibit.  Where I will stand tapping my beaded slipper, impatiently waiting for Spring.
Image, top, photography by Francois Halard, next, Ganay’s home, Elle Decor, October 2007, photography by Simon Upton, chairs and stool, 1st dibs, image, last, courtesy of the Nelson-Atkins.
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10 thoughts on “Bead of My Heart

  1. A good auction would take the edge off. Fine art and antiques, two weeks from tonight. Keep checking the website as more pictures will be posted, and email me if you need more info.

  2. Spring will be here before we know it! In the meantime, we’ll take pleasure in the cheerful, brilliant blog posts of friends and the wonders of our galleries.
    Patricia, be sure to enter the work of art giveaway on my art site.

  3. This is what I adore about you, one with a “beady-eye”
    for details as well as the emotion you stir over something so personal with wit, whimsy and words.
    You keep me coming back for more… “the line item” – classic, funny it is not on our list either.

  4. Gosh, why did I read this post… It got me crazy again about those beaded chairs. I remember having fallen in love with them when I saw this picture of DVF’s home. Then I passed in front of Christian Louboutin’s store and once again a beaded chair – I come in and the shop assistants tell me there wer bought at CSAO (a Paris store selling African stuff)… 2500€ each… Kind of expensive so I am still hesitating…
    That looks so good in Charlene de Ganay’s home!… OK I have to have one…
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find any other place in France where these could be found… not a price as cheap as these on this American website:

  5. A little off the subject, except that you put the link to the Nelson Atkins museum. Having been born and raised in KC till the age of 25, it was my priviledge to visit the museum hundreds of times. Now, after living in Philly, LA, LV, Atlanta, Toronto and Germany – I can still say it is one of my favorites! I even fantasized that Rembrandt’s Portrait of a Young Man, 1666, was my lover from a previous age when I was 7yrs and on! His eyes would follow me everywhere I went in that room and I imagined our life together in his time. Thanks for the link and the precious memories it invokes.

  6. Well, Mrs. B you have done it again. This is why I keep coming back for more. Another perfect pithy post! You have a fabulous eye for Interesting art and a witty way with words. This is how it’s done. Thanks.

  7. Love those chairs! I had first seen them at a 1st dibs Saturday Sale $2500 down from $3600 for the pair through Mary Ann Jones. Those Saturday Sales bring what is typically out of the realm of possibility for almost all of us into the catagory of “maybe”. Love this post. 🙂

  8. Hello Mrs. Blandings! Your site is packed fabulously inspirational tidbits, thank you!! I know you like chairs, so I invite you and your followers to view the chairs I painted at my Chair du Jour Blog. There you’ll see some unusual chairs.


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