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Hunting and gathering for Spaces has offered up some good quests.  While unearthing treasures at Christopher Filley’s for blown glass I asked him where else I should go.

“Well, you have to go see Bruce.”  Bruce Burstert.  Until recently Bruce operated out of a shop on Southwest Boulevard.  He had a reputation for being the go-to guy for rugs, but he also carried a fine selection of primarily American antiques.

Bruce grew up in Richmond, Missouri and has an affinity for the state and for Missouri history.  He has owned a home in Lexington, about an hour east of Kansas City, for the last several years.  Recently, he moved there full time and opened a shop in the basement of the River Reader bookstore downtown.

“If you’re lucky, maybe you can meet him at the house.  You’ll love it,” said Chris.  Oh, he does know me.  Meeting with Bruce was a treat.  We talked about glass and collecting and living in Lexington.

Then he said, “Have you seen the Bingham of Mrs. Shackelford?” and we were off.  He searched through bookcases and stacks for his Bingham book while I moved slowly about the space admiring his things and enjoying the stories of how they came to be a part of his home.
I was aware that he was an interior designer as well.  One book lay open to Nancy Lancaster’s butter yellow drawing room and I was curious what inspiration he was drawing from the image, one that he must have seen a million times.  The Bingham book did not turn up, but he pulled from a stack an older Kansas City Home Design featuring one of his projects.

“Bruce, I must,” and he demurred.  Pictures of his own home will appear here tomorrow.
All images courtesy of Kansas City Home Design, Sept./Oct. 2007, photography by Bob Greenspan.  
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11 thoughts on “At Work

  1. Oh the places you go! Very excited to see the images of Bruce’s home and extemely proud to have you here in KC Mrs B. Also I have wanted to paint a room or two in that buttery yellow. A great spring project.

  2. A stately, rustic home. The blue or turquoise woodwork is quite different as mostly greens, deep federal blues, deep golds and greys are typically utilized in this manner back east. An interesting twist (one of which I like).

    I wasn’t quite sure if this was one of Bruce Burstert’s previous designs or what?

  3. Lynn – yes this is one of Bruce’s projects; I’ll modify the copy to make it clearer – thanks.

  4. having been a fan of Bruces’s store when he pioneered retail in the crossroads..i can’t wait to be reminded of his exquisite sense of style..

  5. I have a chest of drawers like the one in the first photo – formal room and HAD a vintage scroll arm chair very similar to this pair (had “Drexel” stamped on the bottom) but gave it away in to make room for a more comfy antique chair. Seeing it these images makes me miss it so…

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