There was a snappy layout in Harper’s Bazaar recently featuring Sarah Jessica Parker as Diana Vreeland.  This particularly terrific needlepoint pillow was part of the styling.

The inspiration for the photo, above, was chocked full of needlepoint treasures.  

The card pillows would be a breeze to whip up yourself.  Super easy to enlarge a copy of a card, place under the canvas, outline the pattern and stitch away.  Be sure to leave plenty of room around the pattern for finishing as the Studio has gotten after me a couple of times for this.

Needlepoint is a very personal gift, though one of my friends said once, “You should only stitch for someone who needlepoints; no one else will understand what it means.”

I haven’t ever signed a piece, but seeing Vreeland’s stitched signature here is quite endearing.

No time?  No energy?  No interest?  Then follow Vreeland’s lead on parrot tulips which are never a bad choice.
Image, top, Harper’s Bazaar, photograph by Peter Lindbergh.  Other images, House & Garden, May, 1988, photographs by Oberto Gili.
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11 thoughts on “DV DIY

  1. If the same law applies – “needlepoint only for those that needlepoint” – then I think all those illustrations hung next to your command station, should inspire your hand to pick up a brush and illustrate.

    Off to needlepoint, and a reminder to always sign and to leave ample allowance for finishing. That Diana, those pillows, the signature red, and those parrot tulips, lots to admire.

  2. Love the meditative quality to needlepoint or any hand work really. These pillows are terrifc.
    A royal flush!
    P.S. Watched Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House yesterday~ loved it!

  3. What a great reminder that Vreeland did needlework! I really love the idea of friends making pillows — or pieces to frame — for each other. Although, as you said, you really have to know the recipient, their taste, ability to appreciate it etc.

  4. I love to needlpoint. And it is entertaining to me to imagine Ms. Vreeland engaged in that activity!

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